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Two Contending Network Layer Schemes

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Date: Sun 7th Jun, 2:03pm


Hi Chris, 

Hope you are well. I am struggling with this question I found. It says:

Consider the delivery of messages in an internetworked environment in which the 
source and destination nodes are many hops apart. Large messages must be fragmented 
and reassembled using one of two possible approaches.
The first approach involves fragmenting each message at the source node, and then 
reassembling them at the destination node.
The second approach involves fragmenting each message at the source node, 
reassembling and re-fragmenting them at intermediate nodes, and final reassembly at 
the destination node.
With reference to two distinct examples, describe circumstances where each of the 
methods would be preferred over the other.

Is it asking us to reference the two contending network layer schemes (Lecture 6, 

Any assistance is appreciated. 

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