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Date: Sun 7th Jun, 11:40pm


Below is my answer for 2017 exam, question 1b) that I did under exam conditions

Class –Node
  SLOT_TIME = 52 // microseconds
  Messages_sent = 0
  Messages_received = 0

  Constructor - Node ()
  Function - main_loop()
    While (True)
	// Ready to send returns a boolean
	If (Ready_To_Send())
	  While (True)

		// Listen for a collision for 1 slot time
		// Returns true if collision, else false

		If (Listen_for_collision(SLOT_TIME))
			// Determine random wait time
			Wait_time = random() * SLOT_TIME

        Else if (Messaged_Received())

To determine the maximum utilisation of the channel, the total number of messages 
received of all the nodes should be divided by the total number of sent messages of 
all the nodes

I was just wondering, what mark would an answer like this get and what improvements 
can be made?

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