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From: Christopher M.
Date: Mon 8th Jun, 4:44am



> Although I'm not sure how this could be a surprise considering the fact that the project was 
> itself was released late, with the getting started page being released roughly 12 days late.

Released Friday 24th April, in the week that it was always due to come out:


with the first student seeking clarification on Sun 26th April, over the long weekend:


When first released, Getting Started was a section on the single project page, but later that day a new 
Getting Started page was written; certainly there by Wed 29th:


Very unsure where you get your 12 days from. ?

Then, some appear to have started the project later than others:


> The "roughly 5 points" per week is actually around three times more.
> I've listed the seemingly more important topics covered for reference.

What you have simply provided is a list of the titles of each lecture slide.
It's bordering on childish.

Every unit's lectures have many slides; the slide titles are not the distinct
topics to be studied, they simply identify the material on the slide.

I'll reiterate that each of our assessable lectures have about 5 topics to study,
as identified on our Schedule page.

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