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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Graphics and Animation (CITS3003).
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From: Naveed A.
Date: Fri 1st May 2020, 9:18am



> Hi, should we show the part of code we changed in the report? Or we should just briefly 
> describe it? And in the clarification of the report, it says:
> Do not use the report to give OS specific details. 
> I'm a bit confused about what OS specific details mean. Can anyone elaborate me please? 
> Thanks.

You don't need to show the parts of the code in the report. Just describe it briefly. 
Students are allowed any OS that can cause different OpenGL versions and project setups etc. 
Hence, you are asked to put details specific to OS/OpenGL version/your machine in the ReadMe 
file that can allow a marker to run your project smoothly. These details should be part of a 
separate ReadMe file instead of the project report. There purpose is to allow the marker to 
mimic your setup to reproduce your reported results. So, you can be more inclusive in 
reporting those details. I hope it clarifies the confusion.  

Unit Coordinator

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