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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Graphics and Animation (CITS3003).
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On project demonstration (FAQs)

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From: Naveed A.
Date: Fri 22nd May 2020, 11:30am
Dear all,
We will utilise the next two weeks for project demonstrations. Below are my replies 
to queries you might have regarding the demo at this stage. Further information on 
demos will be released soon. 

How will the demo be conducted?
You will demonstrate using screen sharing with Zoom. You will be provided the 
required Zoom links in due course. The actual demo for a student will take 5 to 7 
minutes. However, we must cluster students for smooth flow of demos. So, you may 
have to wait for a few minutes in e.g. a waiting room when you enter the Zoom 
meeting. The marker will be able to see when you have entered the meeting and he 
will call you in when it is your turn. 

How much time will it take for the complete drill?
The actual demo will be 5 to 7 minutes only. We are trying to specify an exact time 
slot for each student so that the student does not have to commit too much time. 
However, it is advisable that you keep a time slot of around 15 minutes for 
yourself, which will include joining the Zoom meeting and waiting there for your 
turn and then giving the demo. We are trying our best to make the procedure smooth 
to save your time. It will be helpful if you strictly follow the schedule that we 
will provide you.

Do I need to prepare for the demo?
The best preparation is to ensure that you know how Zoom works? And how you can 
share the screen? Ensure that speakers and microphones are working. From the 
project viewpoint, if you have done your own work, you do not need any preparation. 
You simply need to demonstrate what is working in your submission. The marker will 
ask some questions to ensure that you understood what you did. As such, there are 
no special preparations required. However, it will be good to rehearse the demo and 
think about possible quick questions and their answers. 

When will I have my demo and why I still do not know the exact time of my demo?
The demos will run from Tuesday 26.05.20, and will also be conducted in the week 
starting on 01.06.20. We plan demos to end on Friday 05.06.20. Most demos will be 
conducted in the scheduled lab sessions of the next week and a similar schedule can 
be expected in the week to follow. Unfortunately, due to large number of special 
consideration requests, we can still not finalise the exact schedule for each 
student. You can expect (partial) schedule to be released over the weekend or on 
Monday 25.05.20.

What if I miss the demo?
If a student misses the demo he/she will have to organise the demo him/herself with 
the Marker before 06.06.20. If that becomes impossible (due to student or the 
Marker) there will be no demo and marking will be solely based on what you have 
submitted. This can result in loss of marks if the marker is unable to run your 
submission smoothly. Hence, it is very important to attend your demo. It will allow 
fair evaluation of your submission.

What will I present in the demo?
The same project that you have submitted. The marker will have read your report and 
you will demonstrate the working of whatever you have claimed as ‘solved’ in the 
report. Unless, the UC has agreed to it due to special considerations, you will not 
be given credit for anything extended beyond the submission deadline. 

Unit coordinator

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