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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Graphics and Animation (CITS3003).
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Changes to unit for online mode shift (important)

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From: Naveed A.
Date: Fri 20th Mar 2020, 9:40am
Dear students,

    As you are aware that from Monday (23.03.20) we are shifting to online mode of teaching. As a result of this move, the following changes will apply to CITS 3003.

(1) Lectures: There will be no lectures in the lecture theater. You will be able to directly access lecture recordings via LMS. The recordings will be made available on LMS as per their 
original schedule and lecture breakdown. You are also reminded that we have mini-lecture series available on the unit website. You can access all those lectures at any time.
(2) Labs: We will setup labs remotely via zoom. You will be able to join the online labs where lab facilitators will be able to help you. The online labs will follow the original lab schedule 
for the unit. Currently, the computer labs at UWA are operational. If you do not have personal machines, you can still come to the labs. However, the lab facilitators will only be available via 
zoom. They will not be present in the labs. Please keep in mind that lab operations may also get affected in the near future. So, setting up a personal machine in the meantime is highly 
(3) Assessments: The mid-term test will no longer be a graded assessment. A mid-term test will be made available to the students via the unit website in week 6, followed by its solution on a 
later day in the same week. This test will only be for your self-assessment. You do not need to submit the solution. As a consequence of cancelling the mid-term test, the end-term exam weight 
will get changed to 60%.
(4) Consultation hour: I will also setup consultation hour using zoom. It will follow the original schedule. 
(5) Project: Currently, there are no major changes expected in terms of the project and its submission. I will consult with the lab facilitators in the coming days in this regard. You will be 
informed in time if there is any change necessary.
Please keep an eye out for the announcement regarding the instructions on how to join zoom labs and consultation hour. These instructions will be made available soon. At the moment, 
circumstances are changing on daily basis. So, I recommend that you regularly check the unit pages, announcements for all CITS units, including CITS 3003. Thanks. 

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