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Admin privileges clarification

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From: Timothy F.
Date: Tue 28th Apr 2020, 9:48am


"Connor McPhan" <21*7*5*[email protected]*u*e*t*u*a*e*u*a*> wrote:

> Hi, I want to clarify how admin privileges should work:
> 1. Add/delete question sets - Does this mean creating new questions or merely 
> selecting existing questions from a master pool and putting them together in a new 
> set?
> 2. Add users - is this like an approval process where a prospective user would fill 
> in a 'registration form' and then wait to be approved by an admin? Or does 'Add User' 
> mean the admin would create and issue new username and placeholder password?
> Thanks

You have a lot of flexibility in this project, so you are free to interpret these how you 
like. You might prefer to only support anonymous users, if you think your app should have 
a very low barrier to participation. However, you would then probably require a large 
bank of quizzes, to reduce the chance of serving the same questions to someone twice.

A good app would proivde an interface for creating questions. The alternative would be 
writing some sql to load questions into your master pool, and that's not very user 
friendly. However, again, the workflow for writing questions, and collating them into 
quizzes is up to you: they could be submitted by users, and collated by admins, or 
written and prepared only by admins.

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