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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Agile Web Development (CITS3403).
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some confusions about project

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From: Timothy F.
Date: Sat 16th May 2020, 3:41pm



> Hi Tim, I just wanna ask do we have to use javascript in our project? Because we almost 
> done the whole app but haven't used any javascript codes at all. Also, about the unittest, 
> do we have to test all functions in our project? Or we just test some basic stuffs like 
> test user login, logout, register. Cheers!

Javascript isn't essential. But where it is the best and most natural way to implement a 
feature (e.g. immediate feedback on answers, or countdown clocks etc), the markers will expect 
you to implement the feature with JS.

No, you don't have to test everything (full coverage is important in practise but it is 
laborious). For full marks you are expected to completely cover one model or unit of 
functionality. E.g. the unittests would completely cover all methods and routes for the 
question, but not the user.

Hope that helps,



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