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Unittest permanently modifies database?

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From: Alan C.
Date: Fri 22nd May, 4:30pm
Hi, I wanted to clarify database behaviour that I'm seeing when running tests.

I've built my files as demonstrated during last week's workshop. It seems that when I 
register a user into the test database, then run a system test which involves dropping 
all users in the setUp and tearDown methods, the original user is also removed. Is 
there some way to avoid this behaviour (i.e have the database restored to original 
state once the test finishes)? Or is this even supposed to happen in the first place?

It seems pretty dangerous that the database is permanently modified by the tests, 
especially if the db.dropall() is called. If someone forgets to switch from Config to 
TestConfig, then there's a risk of losing all your data and having to revert to an 
earlier commit or re-migrate your database.

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