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Question about project

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From: Timothy F.
Date: Wed 25th Mar 2020, 1:10pm



> Hi
> In the description of project--"a quiz that assessors basic arithmetic skills using 
> multi-choice questions and automatic grading would probably achieve a maximum score of 
> 75%, whilst an application that allows manual assessment and provides feedback to 
> users could achieve a lot more."
> So what is the meaning of manual assessment? For instance, would it be like containing 
> short-text answers which should be manually inspected? Also, does the description mean 
> if the website only contain multi-choice questions, despite how complicated we 
> achieved the project, the maximum marking score would only be achieved in 75%?
> Thanks!

Manual assessment in this case would require an assessor to log in, make a subjective 
evaluation of the answer, and submit some feedback and a grade. The student would then be 
able to see the feedback.

No, there's no fixed ceiling for different types of projects. You could have multi-choice 
exams with live feedback, and visualisations of where a student sits in teh cohort that 
could recieve very high marks. But if you did the bare minimum to meet the functional 
specification, even if you did it well, you should not expect a high distinction.

Does that make sense?

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