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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Agile Web Development (CITS3403).
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UWA week 16 - 1st semester, mid-semester break

photo Project 1 CSS (both)
Thu 16th Apr, 10:58am, ANONYMOUS
Hi, I'm just struggling to show this "...it should refer to its own styling for motivating examples, including using selectors and pseudo-classes." What kind of answer are you looking for, is it more like using different CSS elements such as font, spacing,...

UWA week 15 - 1st semester, non-teaching week

photo DUE DATE for Project 1 (both)
Tue 7th Apr, 10:13am, ANONYMOUS
Hi, I am just a little confused with the due date for project 1 as it says: - April 9th on the announcement - April 13th on project description page - April 20th on the project brief which date is it due?
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