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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Agile Web Development (CITS3403).
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UWA week 24 - 1st semester, 1st exam week

photo Re: JavaScript / jQuery (all 10)
Wed 10th Jun 2020, 2:17pm, Haolin W.
Hi Georgia. A good rule of thumb is that you should be using raw JavaScript unless explicitly told to otherwise, please see an earlier comment that I made before about why using JQuery is less than ideal. Good to see that you are way more comfortable with...
photo Re: JavaScript / jQuery (all 10)
Mon 8th Jun 2020, 6:27pm, Haolin W.
Easy to remember yes, but using a library is not a good approach to answering an exam question that's questioning you about JavaScript. What if you don't have the library? The fact of the matter is that you need a library to be using the functions that...

UWA week 22 - 1st semester, week 12

photo Re: Can we resubmit files? (all 3)
Fri 29th May 2020, 5:45pm, Haolin W.
You can potentially email Tim about it, but it's quite late now and some projects have already been marked.
photo Re: Can we resubmit files? (all 3)
Fri 29th May 2020, 5:44pm, Haolin W.
No. Resubmitting files will result in late penalties now. ANONYMOUS wrote:
photo Presentation Zooms and Passwords
Tue 26th May 2020, 12:12pm, Haolin W.
Please check your meeting on drtnf.net, to see which zoom meeting ID you're in. Meeting ID: 938 9300 4390 Password: 000000
photo Re: Error printing column values from table query (all 3)
Mon 25th May 2020, 3:49pm, Haolin W.
Why are you trying to iterate over the query object? What exactly are you trying to do? ANONYMOUS wrote:

UWA week 21 - 1st semester, week 11

photo Re: Coverage Test (all 3)
Sun 24th May 2020, 7:27pm, Haolin W.
Don't quite understand your question. You have to write tests for the components that you write. Why would you need a test to check for what's been tested?
photo Re: Extension (both)
Sun 24th May 2020, 7:26pm, Haolin W.
https://secure.csse.uwa.edu.au/run/help3403?p=np&a=278 For an extension for yourself, you need to apply for special consideration via the faculty. ANONYMOUS wrote:
photo Re: Why does changing one input break this code segment? (all 5)
Fri 22nd May 2020, 10:19am, Haolin W.
Have you tried changing the filter_by part to filter_by(quizCode=1).all() ? Changing the string to an integer, as well as adding the all function? From my experience leaving out the all part results in the raw SQL query instead of the actual list. What...
photo Re: Why does changing one input break this code segment? (all 5)
Fri 22nd May 2020, 10:06am, Haolin W.
Pretty sure the quiz= part needs .first() on the end or .all() depending on what you want to do. Whatever comes from the form will always be a string, so casting it into an integer is correct. It's throwing index out of bounds likely because you have...

UWA week 20 - 1st semester, week 10

photo Re: trouble installing flask-admin (all 9)
Sat 16th May 2020, 11:59pm, Haolin W.
Likely a VSCode issue. Other students have had issues with this over the past week as well. VSCode is probably not picking up your project interpreter, or you've opened the wrong folder so it's reading your directory/python modules incorrectly. Likely...
photo Re: Project 2 - Database Migrations, Schema Design, AJAX (all 3)
Thu 14th May 2020, 9:15am, Haolin W.
Hi Matthew. Tim had some great points, and just to tag on and add a few more. Completely understand the issue with migrations, happens all the time if the migrations don't reflect the actual database status. As Tim said, shouldn't be a problem, but I...
photo Helpful tips for project 2
Mon 11th May 2020, 10:53pm, Haolin W.
A few points that keep coming up during labs to go over. 1. A lot of people have been having trouble with VSCode and their imports. Personally not a big fan of VSCode for Python based frameworks, and the Jinja2 template extensions are pretty awful. I can't...
photo Re: project 2 - flask forms (all 3)
Mon 11th May 2020, 10:39pm, Haolin W.
Hey there. Your structure for the answers table sounds correct. My understanding is that you want multiple questions on the same page, and the ability to answer multiple questions in a single POST correct? If this is what you're intending to do, there's...

UWA week 17 - 1st semester, week 7

photo Re: zoom meeting password (both)
Mon 20th Apr 2020, 5:06pm, Haolin W.
https://secure.csse.uwa.edu.au/run/help3403?p=np&a=152 000000

UWA week 16 - 1st semester, mid-semester break

photo Re: Part 3 of Project 1 (JS) (all 6)
Tue 14th Apr 2020, 9:33pm, Haolin W.
Fix the CORS error by doing this: https://puu.sh/Fxoec.png crossDomain true and json types should fix it. It fixed it for me. Let me know how you go
photo Re: 4 Linked Pages - Project 1 Question (both)
Tue 14th Apr 2020, 4:30pm, Haolin W.
You can separate them. No need to keep it all in one file.
photo Re: Part 3 of Project 1 (JS) (all 6)
Tue 14th Apr 2020, 4:22pm, Haolin W.
Not sure about that error. Are you sure it's not a CORS error or Access-Control-Allow- Origin error? Can you open the link in your browser? It looks like this for me. https://puu.sh/Fxjcb.png
photo Re: Part 3 of Project 1 (JS) (all 6)
Tue 14th Apr 2020, 3:46pm, Haolin W.
Still works for me, whats your issue with it?

UWA week 15 - 1st semester, non-teaching week

photo Re: Virtual Environment on Github master? (all 4)
Sun 12th Apr 2020, 11:41am, Haolin W.
No venvs on GitHub. Full requirements.txt required. No mongo, SQLAlchemy with SQLite3 required.
photo Re: what can instead of the cellspacing? (both)
Tue 7th Apr 2020, 2:27pm, Haolin W.
border-collapse, border-spacing. ANONYMOUS wrote:

UWA week 14 - 1st semester, week 6

photo Re: About AJAX (all 3)
Wed 1st Apr 2020, 5:55pm, Haolin W.
Those are quotes in your code for ${location.country}. You need to use backticks, this indicates a formatted string. Change them to `.
photo Re: Conflicting dates? (both)
😀Wed 1st Apr 2020, 4:48pm, Haolin W.
Hey, It's due on the 20th, due to the extra week of mid semester break the university has given.

UWA week 13 - 1st semester, week 5

photo Re: Question about <xmp> (all 3)
Sun 29th Mar 2020, 11:49am, Haolin W.
The <xmp> tag is deprecated I believe. It was replaced by <pre> and <code> which are still valid in HTML. Use those in place of <xmp>.
photo Re: still the question about the array (all 3)
Sun 29th Mar 2020, 11:46am, Haolin W.
Please take a look at my response to your last question. It shows you how to display the elements exactly the way you want them. Have you done Data Structures and Algorithms? What you're describing is a Queue, a first-in first-out data structure. For the...
photo Re: question about show the things in array in html pages (both)
Sat 28th Mar 2020, 9:29pm, Haolin W.
Hey. It's hard to interpret what exactly you need, but based on your code, I'm assuming that you're trying to replace the content of one of your elements with this array. Assuming that the element that you're placing the fruits into is empty, you can...
photo Re: Feel puzzled with the project(javascript part) (both)
Sat 28th Mar 2020, 12:44pm, Haolin W.
In regards to the first part of your question, it is the literal meaning, I'm not sure how else to explain it. If you took part in this weeks labs, I showed some examples of using some of the DOM manipulation functions, createElement, appendChild etc....
photo Re: 1st project - share components between html pages (both)
Thu 26th Mar 2020, 8:30pm, Haolin W.
You can use DOM Manipulation to write your own page manipulation if you want to do it in that manner. Copy and pasting raw HTML for your layout components isn't necessarily 'bad practice' considering with Flask/Django your compiled HTML from extending...
photo Re: Project 1 - Elements in HTML (both)
Wed 25th Mar 2020, 5:08pm, Haolin W.
Hey. It's definitely a broad range of what we've learnt so far. The elements that you learnt during the labs are a good place to start and should be considered some foundation for the project, however just doing the basics like paragraph, divider, anchor...

UWA week 12 - 1st semester, week 4

photo Git and a basic repo for you to get started
Thu 19th Mar 2020, 4:06pm, Haolin W.
Hi everyone. As the requirement now has shifted from a mid semester test to completing the masters project for undergrads, it's a good time to get familiar to Git and to have it under your belt especially for project 2. I've thrown together a very basic...

UWA week 11 - 1st semester, week 3

photo Re: CSS inherit (both)
💡Sun 15th Mar 2020, 5:26pm, Haolin W.
Hey. Yes you're correct. The inherit property applies the property from the immediate parent. As for your other question, I'm not exactly sure what you mean. Do you mean inheriting from grandparent/great-grandparent elements? If that's the case, CSS already...

UWA week 10 - 1st semester, week 2

photo Linux and expectations revolving around it
Thu 5th Mar 2020, 5:05pm, Haolin W.
Hi all. Had a lot of questions this week regarding Linux, and if you have to develop your project and do labs on Linux. In short - no. You can do your labs on any OS of your choice. Linux will help significantly if you choose to deploy your application,...
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