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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Agile Web Development (CITS3403).
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UWA week 24 - 1st semester, 1st exam week

photo project2 Grade (all 3)
heartbrokenFri 12th Jun, 1:27am, ANONYMOUS
Hi, I just noticed that marks for project2 had been released, however I didn't see the feedback? Just wondering will there be feedback or not? cause the grade is kind of out of expectation...

UWA week 23 - 1st semester, study break

photo Re: Exam Questions (all 4)
crybabyThu 4th Jun, 1:35am, ANONYMOUS  O.P.
Hi, I want to ask, when we review, is there anything we should focus more on, and anything we should leave out? cause there are quite a lot of stuff covered in this unit... For example, more on SQLite instead of MongoDB(which is also mentioned in the lecture)?...
photo Exam Questions (all 4)
baby2Wed 3rd Jun, 7:16pm, ANONYMOUS
Hi, in the mock exam, some code-writing questions are provided with a code template (similar code but different topic etc.). So I want to ask, will they also be provided in the real exam, so that when we review we can focus more on the logic instead of...

UWA week 14 - 1st semester, week 6

photo About the use of DOM and AJAX (both)
baby2Thu 2nd Apr, 12:38pm, ANONYMOUS
Hi, I want to ask, do we need to use DOM and AJAX in every page, or just to demonstrate them in the Javascript page? Thanks!

UWA week 13 - 1st semester, week 5

photo Questions about the templates (both)
baby2Fri 27th Mar, 1:29am, ANONYMOUS
Hi Tim, Can we use some Bootstrap templates? If we can, do we need to cite references? And how can you tell how many works are actually done by ourselves? thans!
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