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some feedback on changing requirements

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From: Rachel CO.
Date: Thu 19th Mar, 11:22am


Thanks again everyone for your in-person and on-line contributions to the health engine 
workshop yesterday.
It was great to hear your ideas on real-world requirements and see your engagement with the 
problems raised.

One aspect was really interesting to me and Chris.  Maybe it was because it came at the end 
of the session, or because the example was too close for comfort, but for the last question 
when the requirements changed for us all, many people appeared to freeze up.  

Changing requirements is a critical part of software engineering. It is very likely to 
happen in real projects (as in Chris' example) and it doesn't have to be a disaster.  

The important thing is to be able to identify what goals have changed (hence the need for 
high level goals), how this affects the requirements you have already, and how you can 
adapt what you already have to the new situation.  

I am not suggesting this is easy - it takes a lot of work and experience.  You can learn 
from your experience yesterday - how did you feel about the change?  with hindsight, what 
would be some good ways to allow for and adapt to situations like this?

I'd be interested to hear your feedback on this.
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