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study plan for cits4401 week 5

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From: Rachel CO.
Date: Mon 23rd Mar, 9:49am


CITS4401 Study Plan Week 5 (23 March to 27 March 2020)
Discovering objects and UML class diagrams

During week 5 in CITS4401 we will be studying object discovery and UML class diagrams.
To help you plan your week, here is a summary of the activities planned for this week.

Recommended Pre-reading

The topics this week assume you are familiar with object oriented design.
To refresh your memory on the key concepts of objects and classes I recommend this video.
Chapter 1: VN 1.1 Introduction to key concepts (in object oriented design)

Lecture (Tuesday) key topics

1. Essentials of class models 
2. UML Class diagrams (what they are for and how to read them)
3. Discovering objects (noun discovery method)
4. Discovering associations (Class, Responsibilities, Collaboration (CRC) method)

Recommended Post-reading (access via UWA unit readings via the link in LMS)

Martin Fowler, UML Distilled

Pressman, Chapter 8

Objects First, Barnes and Kolling,
Chapter 13: VN 13.1 Using the noun-verb method for application design


B. Bruegge and A. H. Dutoit, Object-Oriented Software Engineering – Using UML, Patterns, 
and Java, 3rd ed., Prentice Hall, 2010
Section 2.3.3 Classes, Abstract Classes and Objects
Section 5.4 Analysis Activities: From Use Cases to Objects

Workshop (Wednesday) Assessed

In the workshop we will practice reading, designing and writing UML class diagrams.

This workshop will be assessed, standing in place of the Vromo industry workshop which has 
been postponed.
The assessment criteria are the same as last week's workshop.  See the workshop assessment 
rubric on the unit web page.  And the submission is nearly the same: either via LMS or 
cssubmit before 8pm on Wed 25 March.

I plan to use the LMS test assessment tool for submissions so that you and I get some 
experience using it. We may end up using this for exams, so I'd like to know how well that 
might work.  The workshop questions will also be available in the usual printed form and 
you can submit a pdf of your answers via cssubmit if you prefer.

I look forward to e-seeing you this week
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