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Project task 5 (requirements specification)

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From: Rachel CO.
Date: Tue 31st Mar 2020, 8:54am



Could you please tell me what do we exactly need to include in System requirement  
specification? We need to create a whole document which will purpose,scope,definition, 
functional and non functional requirement or we just need to all the UML Use Case and 
Class Diagram for the project.


Your report should contain one section for each of the tasks (2 to 6) listed under 
project tasks.

For task 5 requirements specification, you should submit a list of requirements, each 
specified clearly.

Do not try to capture all the requirements for the system, just the ones you clarified 
via your interviews.

You may wish to use something like the Volere snow card format for each requirement you 
report, but you are free to use any form of specification you wish.
For example, you may have captured a use case or scenario from the stakeholder in your 

I don't think a class diagram (or sequence or statechart diagram) is likely to be 
relevant from your interview questions.  

Also note that you do not need to write down requirement specifications for the entire 

Each of your requirements will be marked on being:
“Succinct and clear statement of requirements; Justified validation for each of the 
requirements (see project task 5 details);”
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