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From: Arran S.
Date: Wed 10th Jun 2020, 2:07am


I've received some updates to pass on from EMS faculty management, based on experience 
from the Examplify exams that have run so far:


# Exam support

Throughout the exam period a dedicated phone line staffed by UWA staff is available to 
provide support for your exams: (+61 8) 6488 1212. We can help you with:

- difficulties opening your exams including passwords,
- disruptions or incidents during your exams, or
- issues with uploading your paper.

If you call for help during your exam, don't worry about this flagging as an incident, 
we'll keep a record and resolve if needed.

If you experience an issue you can also let us know by AskUWA (for time-critical 
please call (+61 8) 6488 1212).

We have also prepared one page guides for Blackboard (LMS) and Examplify (ExamSoft) 
exams with quick tips to help you get started and submit your exams.
LMS guide: 
Examplify guide:
## Technical difficulties:

If it is not time-critical, or for future exams, the University Library staff and 
ExamSoft (for Examplify exams) can help with IT support:

University Library: (+61 8) 6488 1255 8am-5pm, Monday - Saturday
ExamSoft:  (+61 3) 8594 1209 24/7

If technical issues mean that you are no longer able to sit or complete your exam, we 
can help you with Special Consideration, please call us on (+61 8) 6488 1212

# Issues with Surface Pro laptops that have two cameras

Some students with Surface Pros have reported that Examplify is switching to the 
camera on the back of the computer instead of the one facing them.  Details on how to 
set up their computer correctly is below. 

Examplify relies on a webcam in order to complete ExamID verification and record the 
exam (ExamMonitor).  When sitting an exam for the first time on a device (i.e. Mock 
exam) the student will be asked to select the camera they wish to use if more than one 
camera exists.  In the majority of cases this should be set correctly.  If for some 
reason a rear facing camera has been selected which may work for ExamID, but not 
secure exams where ExamMonitor is enabled, the student will need to disable the rear 
facing camera.  Devices where this is prevalent include Surface Pros.

**Surface Pro users:**

*Surface Pro 3:*
Device Manager > Cameras > Microsoft LifeCam Rear > Disable
Device Manager > Intel R AV Screen Camera > Disable
*Surface Pro 4:*
Device Manager > Imaging Devices > Microsoft Camera Rear> Disable
Device Manager > System Devices > Microsoft Camera Rear> Disable
Student should do this before the exam.  If each of the above have been checked and 
unsuccessful, students should contact Exam Support.

Thank you for your patience with this.  It is the first time we have used Examplify 
and we are actually doing incredibly well (except for the occasional glitch!)

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