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CITS5501 this week (week 6, mon 30 mar) - NB upcoming assessment

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From: Arran S.
Date: Mon 30th Mar 2020, 3:43pm


Hi all,

I am just wanting to update you on CITS5501 matters:

**Non-teaching week next week**

The uni has made next week (Mon 6 April) a *non-teaching week*, to allow students (and staff) a chance to 
catch up from any disruptions from the process of shifting to online teaching. See the announcement here:

I have updated the CITS5501 schedule accordingly -- all teaching weeks after this have shifted to the 
following calendar week.

**Upcoming assessed workshop exercise**

There is an assessed workshop exercise this Wednesday. Given that some students have had difficulty with 
virtually attending the workshop, I propose extending the due date and time -- it will be due at 5pm, rather 
than 11am.

**Previous assessed workshop exercise**

Apologies to any students waiting on emails from me about this - I will endeavor to reply by noon tomorrow.

**Model answers for week 5 (workshop 3)**

These are now up on the website, at

**Reading for this week**

We are a bit behind where I hoped to be in the schedule. I'll aim to finish off graph-, logic- and syntax-
based testing this week, and we'll look at performance testing and standard after the break.

So relevant reading for this week is (see the schedule for links):

- Amman & Offutt, chs 8-9
- Beginner’s Guide to Fuzzing
- Hypothesis Quick Start Guide
- QuickTheories README

**After the break**

I aim to release the project in teaching week 7, after the break.

As always, let me know if you have any queries.


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