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Information for students wanting to opt out from ExamSoft

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From: Arran S.
Date: Tue 19th May 2020, 4:26pm


Hi all,

I've been advised that if students choose to opt out from using ExamSoft, then they can 
only access an alternative assessment if this is their LAST semester. If it isn't, then 
they'll instead sit a face-to-face exam at a to-be-specified date.

This isn't something individual Unit Coordinators can change, but is a university-wide 
policy. If you have already informed the university that you wish to opt out, and this 
changes your decision, then just let me know.

Apologies for the earlier incorrect information. It previously wasn't clear whether Unit 
Coordinators were at liberty to offer alternative assessments, and it has now been 
clarified that they aren't. (Except, as mentioned, where students are in their last 


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