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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in CITS5501 Software Testing and Quality Assurance. Before posting a question here, it may be worth searching the forum for previous posts asking the same question. And please keep the discussion civil (as required by UWA's Computer Use Policy, #9).


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UWA week 23 - 1st semester, 2nd exam week

photo Second exercise marks
Fri 11th Jun 2021, 6:23pm, Arran S.
Hi all, Just letting you know that marks and feedback for the second of the three short exercises should be visible in csmarks. If you can't see your mark or feedback, let me know. cheers Arran
photo Re: Marks (both)
Fri 11th Jun 2021, 10:45am, Arran S.
Hi Brandon. Week 6 marks and feedback will be up today. Week 9 and the project - I'll have to advise on this. Regards Arran
photo Re: Exam Notes (all 4)
Fri 11th Jun 2021, 10:44am, Arran S.
Hi Jack, This was covered in the week 12 lecture - you can review it by accessing the lecture capture system on LMS. Regards Arran
photo Re: Week 11 Workshop Solutions (both)
Fri 11th Jun 2021, 10:43am, Arran S.
Hi Terence - In case you haven't seen them, solutions for this are on the website. cheers Arran

UWA week 19 - 1st semester, week 11

photo MS Teams project discussion channel
Fri 14th May 2021, 4:55pm, Arran S.
Hi all - There's a channel available in MS Teams for any queries related to the CITS5501 project - just look under the "CITS5501" team and you should see it. cheers Arran
photo Re: CITS5501 project (all 4)
Fri 14th May 2021, 4:42pm, Arran S.
Hi all - The CITS5501 project is available here: It is due on 23rd May, but there is a 5-day grace period - submissions will be accepted without penalty until 23:59 on the 28th. If you've been keeping up with...

UWA week 17 - 1st semester, week 9

photo Re: <NO SUBJECT> (both)
Fri 30th Apr 2021, 1:21pm, Arran S.
ANONYMOUS wrote: Hi, It's up now - see the website at Cheers, Arran
photo Re: Online classes this week; assessments (all 8)
Fri 30th Apr 2021, 12:15pm, Arran S.  O.P.
Hi Natalie, Yes, it's up - see cheers Arran
photo Re: Online classes this week; assessments (all 8)
Fri 30th Apr 2021, 12:14pm, Arran S.  O.P.
Hi Shaun - I'm assuming you got access to the recording? The lecture capture system automatically uploads lectures given in the lecture theatres - but recordings made in MS Teams don't automatically appear there, hence the "blank" lecture. I'm impressed...
photo Week 9 exercise
Fri 30th Apr 2021, 12:09pm, Arran S.
Hi all, The week 9 exercise is up, apologies for the delay. See the website at cheers Arran
photo Re: Week 6 exercise marks (all 5)
😀Fri 30th Apr 2021, 12:07pm, Arran S.
Hi Gonzalo - Apologies, but not yet - I have been submissions that were late or had extensions. Should be up by Monday. cheers Arran
photo Re: Online classes this week; assessments (all 8)
Tue 27th Apr 2021, 7:43am, Arran S.  O.P.
Please see the posting here:
photo Online classes this week; assessments (all 8)
Tue 27th Apr 2021, 7:42am, Arran S.
Hi all, I hope everyone is keeping well and the lockdown has not caused too much inconvenience. Due to restrictions on attending the UWA campus, we will not have face-to-face classes this week - all lectures and tutorials will be accessible via MS Teams....

UWA week 16 - 1st semester, week 8

photo Change of Wednesday morning lab time
Thu 22nd Apr 2021, 12:20pm, Arran S.
Hi all, Due to low turnout (only 1 person this week), we've shifted the Wednesday morning lab/workshop time from 9am to 11am. We'll if more people can attend the new time; if not, we'll cancel Wednesday labs and stick with the Tuesday and Thursday labs....
photo Java help
Tue 20th Apr 2021, 1:52pm, Arran S.
Hi all, I propose to have an extra session this Friday at 2pm for people who haven't studied CITS1001 and would like some extra assistance getting familiar with Java. Currently, 6 people indicated in the survey that they would be interested, so if you're...

UWA week 14 - 1st semester, non-teaching week

photo Re: Lab 5 Solutions (all 3)
Fri 9th Apr 2021, 7:24pm, Arran S.
Solutions for weeks 5 and 6 are now on the website.
photo Re: Lab 5 Solutions (all 3)
Fri 9th Apr 2021, 3:14pm, Arran S.
A little politeness never goes astray when making requests; in English, even when you say "please", "Please do X" sounds like an order. And you can only give orders if you're in the military. Cheers Arran ANONYMOUS wrote:

UWA week 13 - 1st semester, week 6

photo Week 6 exercise available on LMS
Wed 31st Mar 2021, 4:57pm, Arran S.
Hi all, Apologies for the delay - the week 6 exercise should now be visible on the LMS (under "week 6 exercise"), and the "Assessments" page now mentions it and gives the due date: The due date is 11:59...
photo Re: Week 6 exercise (both)
Tue 30th Mar 2021, 4:19pm, Arran S.  O.P.
Hi all, Just repeating the announcements from the lecture: - I'll release an exercise this evening, that will be due by Sunday 11:59pm - It is largely based around Input Space Partitioning - similar sorts of questions to the lab/workshop exercises - It shouldn't...
photo Re: sample solutions for lab (both)
Tue 30th Mar 2021, 3:58pm, Arran S.
Hi Gensheng, No worries, solutions for weeks 2-4 should already be up on the website, and the sample solutions to week 5, I'll upload tonight. cheers Arran

UWA week 12 - 1st semester, week 5

photo Week 6 exercise (both)
Fri 26th Mar 2021, 4:16pm, Arran S.
Hi all, As per the unit schedule (at - there'll be a short exercise next week based around test design, to allow you to test your knowledge of test design and get some feedback. I'll aim to release it early in the week...
photo Re: Previous years exam paper (both)
Wed 24th Mar 2021, 12:02am, Arran S.
Hi Manpreet, I'll definitely make sure there are sample papers available, and probably last year's (2020) exam paper. Prior to that, the content of the course differed sufficiently that the exam papers are not really a good preparation guide. I'll let you...
photo Re: Lecture recordings, changed venue, quiz extension (all 4)
Tue 23rd Mar 2021, 11:34pm, Arran S.  O.P.
Apologies for the delay - they're up on the lecture capture site now. Cheers, Arran ANONYMOUS wrote:

UWA week 11 - 1st semester, week 4

photo announcements: PROSH (again)
Thu 18th Mar 2021, 4:51pm, Arran S.
Hi all - A correction to my previous announcement -- **Wednesday lab next week** I'm advised we can't provide any lab demonstrators during the morning of PROSH fundraising activities, so the Wednesday...
photo Week 4 announcements - quiz closes, survey, PROSH
Tue 16th Mar 2021, 4:44pm, Arran S.
Hi all, We started lectures in our new venue, Seminar Room 1.24 in the CSSE building. Hopefully the audio was clearer today for people attending online - let me know if you encountered any issues. Some announcements: * The quiz closes tomorrow, 11:59pm,...

UWA week 10 - 1st semester, week 3

photo Re: Lecture recordings, changed venue, quiz extension (all 4)
Thu 11th Mar 2021, 8:13am, Arran S.  O.P.
Please see the posting here:
photo Lecture recordings, changed venue, quiz extension (all 4)
Thu 11th Mar 2021, 8:12am, Arran S.
Hi all, A few announcements: *Venue* Students attending face-to-face will know that the venue CITS5501 was allotted, in the EZone building, has proved entirely unsuitable for lectures - it lacks a working Audio/Visual system, since anyone using A/V in the...
photo Re: Lecture 2 Recording (all 10)
Thu 11th Mar 2021, 8:03am, Arran S.
It's now up - go to the "Lecture recordings" site via the LMS, and look for "Re- recorded lectures" up the top. I'll extend the quiz by three days, til 11:59 pm Wednesday.
photo Re: Week 3 online quiz details (all 3)
Tue 9th Mar 2021, 6:53pm, Arran S.  O.P.
I didn't set a time limit in the LMS, but eventually, your LMS sessions will time out, and I imagine will result in your getting 0% for the quiz. So although there's no set time limit, I wouldn't go watch a TV show or make dinner in between answering questions,...
photo Re: Attending labs and lectures online (all 3)
Tue 9th Mar 2021, 6:51pm, Arran S.  O.P.
ANONYMOUS wrote: I've set the permissions so that (I think) anyone can join without using the waiting room. cheers, Arran
photo Re: Quiz Question About Python (both)
Tue 9th Mar 2021, 6:50pm, Arran S.
Well - they won't ask you to write code in Python. They might ask you about general-knowledge- style things that have been mentioned in the lectures or lecture slides. cheers Arran ANONYMOUS wrote:
photo Attending labs and lectures online (all 3)
Tue 9th Mar 2021, 11:32am, Arran S.
Hi all - Last week we had some difficulties with using Zoom for the lectures and labs - my apologies for that. So we will try using MS Teams, and see how that goes. I have updated the resources page to include links for attending the labs and lectures online...
photo Re: Lecture 2 Recording (all 10)
Tue 9th Mar 2021, 11:11am, Arran S.
Hi - I'm still re-recording it; it should be up later today. Cheers, Arran ANONYMOUS wrote:
photo Re: Online quiz next week (all 6)
Tue 9th Mar 2021, 9:48am, Arran S.  O.P.
This is already answered in the message you're replying to - see above. For further details, see my posting at Let me know if you have any other queries regarding the quiz. cheers, Arran
photo Week 3 online quiz details (all 3)
Tue 9th Mar 2021, 9:45am, Arran S.
Hi all, The week 3 quiz should be available on the LMS at 10am today. Please see the unit website for further details: http://localhost:8080/assessment/#week-3-quiz Let me know if you have any queries about the quiz. cheers, Arran

UWA week 9 - 1st semester, week 2

photo Re: Thursday (today) 2pm lab (both)
Fri 5th Mar 2021, 1:13pm, Arran S.
Hi Yi - No, I checked, and that's the correct link - I'm not sure why no-one else was showing as in the lab. Since so many people seem to be having issues with Zoom, we may have to switch to MS teams. cheers Arran
photo Re: Online quiz next week (all 6)
Fri 5th Mar 2021, 1:00pm, Arran S.  O.P.
Sure. - It'll largely be multiple choice, but there may be some short answer questions - It's open book - you can access any book or website you went, and use any software you like - Only one attempt is allowed - It must be completed in one sitting. Cheers...
photo Fixes to week 2 lab exercises
Thu 4th Mar 2021, 6:07pm, Arran S.
Hi all, Some people have reported trouble compiling the code for the lab exercises this week - this is because older versions of BlueJ (4.something) are missing the JUnit 5 libraries which are automatically bundled with newer versions of BlueJ. I have uploaded...
photo Re: Unidesk website not certified (all 3)
Thu 4th Mar 2021, 12:41pm, Arran S.
Hi, Jayden's answer is correct, as is his suggestion that you contact the Service Desk if you have difficulties - that's the same suggestion contained in the lab sheet: "In the event of any difficulties – it is UWA IT that supports the Unidesk system,...
photo Re: Lecture 2 Recording (all 10)
Thu 4th Mar 2021, 12:37pm, Arran S.
Hi Yang - Sorry about that, and thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it, and if necessary I can re-record the lecture - probably on Friday. cheers Arran
photo Re: Lecture 2 (all 4)
Tue 2nd Mar 2021, 4:50pm, Arran S.
Hi Gensheng - Good question - I've answered in a separate post here: cheers Arran
photo Online quiz next week (all 6)
Tue 2nd Mar 2021, 4:45pm, Arran S.
Hi all - There'll be a quiz next week on the LMS, which I'll open on Tuesday morning, and leave open until Sunday evening. Usually they take about an hour to do, so ensure you leave time for it, and make sure you have an Internet connection that's unlikely...
photo Re: Lecture 2 (all 4)
Tue 2nd Mar 2021, 4:39pm, Arran S.
Hi Gensheng - Apologies for the inconvenience - as you've noted, unfortunately Zoom did not work especially well today: I was unable to see chat messages or share my screen, I am not 100% sure why. If it continues to be a problem, we can always switch...
photo Re: Lecture 1 recording (both)
Tue 2nd Mar 2021, 10:35am, Arran S.
Hi Hao, Sorry about that - I'll keep a closer eye on the time this week. You missed very little, and I'll re-cap it today. Also, I should have Zoom recordings for the lectures (from this week onwards), in addition to the lecture capture system, so if anything...
photo Re: Chapter 14 or Chapter 11 for this weeks reading? (all 3)
Tue 2nd Mar 2021, 10:33am, Arran S.
Hi Shaun, As per the schedule webpage (, "references to “Pressman” are to Pressman, R.S., & Maxim, B.R., Software engineering: A practitioner’s approach, 8th edn (McGraw-Hill, 2015), but earlier and later editions...

UWA week 8 - 1st semester, week 1

photo Re: confirming no lab tomorrow (both)
Tue 23rd Feb 2021, 5:54pm, Arran S.
Hi Shaun, The schedule is right :) No labs until week 2. cheers Arran
photo Re: Lecture 1 (both)
🤭Tue 23rd Feb 2021, 4:18pm, Arran S.
Hi Gensheng, I'm sorry to hear that. If that ever happens again, I'd suggest you let me know at the time (e.g. via Zoom chat), since I may be able to fix it. After the lecture is over, there's not much I can do. Note however that a recording of the lecture...
photo Re: Welcome to CITS5501 (both)
Tue 23rd Feb 2021, 10:30am, Arran S.  O.P.
See the welcome posting here:
photo Welcome to CITS5501 (both)
Tue 23rd Feb 2021, 10:29am, Arran S.
Hi all, Welcome to CITS5501 - the first lecture is this afternoon at 2pm. Slides should be up on the website shortly. The website for the unit is available via the unit's Github account at If you have any queries, please feel...
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