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This program lists assessment deadlines for units offered by Computer Science and Software Engineering in 2023, and enables students to submit their CSSE assignments and projects. Please contact your unit coordinator about any units or deadlines not listed here.

Deadlines of semester 2, 2023
 CITS1402-2  Relational Database Management Systems 
 CITS2002-2  Systems Programming 
 CITS3005-2  Knowledge Representation 
 CITS3006-2  Penetration Testing 
 CITS3007-2  Secure Coding 
 CITS3200-2  Professional Computing 
 CITS3402-2  High Performance Computing 
 CITS4009-2  Computational Data Analysis 
 CITS5017-2  Deep Learning 
 CITS5206-2  Information Technology Capstone Project 
 CITS5503-2  Cloud Computing 
 CITS5507-2  High Performance Computing 

Deadlines of semester 1, 2023
 CITS1003-1  Introduction to Cybersecurity 
 CITS2003-1  Open Source Tools and Scripting 
 CITS2005-1  Object Oriented Programming 
 CITS2200-1  Data Structures and Algorithms 
 CITS2401-1  Computer Analysis and Visualisation 
 CITS3002-1  Computer Networks 
 CITS3007-1  Secure Coding 
 CITS3401-1  Data Warehousing 
 CITS3403-1  Agile Web Development 
 CITS4010-1  Computer Science Honours Research Project Part 1 
 CITS4407-1  Open Source Tools and Scripting 
 CITS4419-1  Mobile and Wireless Computing 
 CITS5501-1  Software Testing and Quality Assurance 
 CITS5504-1  Data Warehousing 
 CITS5505-1  Agile Web Development 

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