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SVG not supported 2:52pm Thu 24th Nov, Christopher M.

Marks and feedback for our 2nd project are now available via csmarks, and the overall marks for the unit (including the final exam) should be released by the Exams' Office this evening. The unit finished with 372 students enrolled. 31 students have D...

 UWA week 44 (2nd semester, 1st exam week) ↓
SVG not supported 6:04am Tue 1st Nov, Christopher M.

Your approach sounds reasonable - open each of the colon-separated directory names provided by the function's parameter, - open each directory and iterate through its directory entries, - identify each regular file in the directory, - determine if it's ...

SVG not supported 10:02pm Mon 31st Oct, Sriniketh K.

So they would pass a PATH value as a parameter? I dont understand how to use the PATH to search directories for executables? My approach to this would be open the directory and then do S IXUSR (or is doing a S ISREG check fine) for anything found. Bu...

SVG not supported 5:57pm Mon 31st Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote Just a normal morning, thanks. The materials on multithreading are examinable, though you won't be expected to remember the exact function names or parameters. However, you should know roughly what functions are expected required in a...

SVG not supported 3:28pm Mon 31st Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hi Chris, Hope you had a great morning. I was wondering whether we should know pthread types and pthread functions for tomorrow's exam since they were taught in the last few lectures of this semester? There's quite a bit to understand and implement i...

SVG not supported 3:09pm Mon 31st Oct, Christopher M.

Thanks for your kind words John (but it's really just 'Dr' or, even better, just 'Chris'). Glad that you can enjoy and see some positives in a difficult unit You'll appreciate it more when you've been working for a few years -) Yes, the next sys...

SVG not supported 3:03pm Mon 31st Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote This is a sort of 'compare and contrast' type question - if you're going to state that one approach is superior to the other (as you've done with your 4 good points), you should also be (correctly) critical of the alternative approach...

SVG not supported 3:00pm Mon 31st Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote The short answer questions are not simply about providing N individual (correct) points reasons, but about answering the question by describing the significance of your points and how they relate to each other. The questions are unli...

SVG not supported 2:47pm Mon 31st Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote We've only been considering the far more common monolithic kernels, not message-passing microkernels (usually only studied in graduate OS courses, and more advanced textbooks). ... Obviously nothing to do with unit or the exam, but the...

SVG not supported 2:42pm Mon 31st Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote Hey. Can you outline what you understand the question is asking, and what attempts you've already made? The spreadsheet will be a two dimensional array of 'things', and in this question those things are C's character strings (i.e. eac...

SVG not supported 2:32pm Mon 31st Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote Yes - though, of course, whether that will work will depend on the rest of your implementation.

SVG not supported 10:30am Mon 31st Oct, Monti C.

I'm pretty sure CITS3002 is practically a continuation of CITS2002 if you wanted to check that out. https unitdetails?code CITS3002

SVG not supported 10:27am Mon 31st Oct, John L.

Good Morning Everyone, First of all I would just like to thank Professor McDonald for teaching CITS2002 this semester, It has been a fun and interesting semester with lots of new things learned. With that in mind, I was hoping to do a unit similar to ...

SVG not supported 5:41am Mon 31st Oct, ANONYMOUS

in regards to this part of the question, "With respect to the support provided by operating systems and programming languages, if you could develop and test an application using either multiple processes, or multiple threads, which do you think would...

 UWA week 43 (2nd semester, study break) ↓
SVG not supported 11:26pm Sun 30th Oct, ANONYMOUS

hello, I was wondering how we can figure out how to get a full mark on a short answer? for example these 2 questions are worth 5 total Explain the importance of the memory hierarchy in a computer system. Explain how the principle of referential local...

SVG not supported 8:39pm Sun 30th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hello Chris Might be a dumb question but in this unit when we refer to the kernel, are we referring to the microkernel or the monolithic kernel? This matters when it comes to answering questions regarding interfaces between the kernel and BLANK .. ...

SVG not supported 5:15pm Sun 30th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hey, can you please go through the first part of Q2 from the 2018 past exam? I'm a bit lost with regards to defining the data type for a spreadsheet. Thanks

SVG not supported 4:26pm Sun 30th Oct, ANONYMOUS

In order to swap the contents of two indicated columns can we have the addresses the columns hold to point to each other?

SVG not supported 2:52pm Sun 30th Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote You'll never need to assume that - either the exam question will tell you if the parameter is an absolute pathname or, if it doesn't say anything, then there's no need for the parameter to be absolute. For example, the open() ...

SVG not supported 2:49pm Sun 30th Oct, Christopher M.

Hi Mitchell, It's messy territory, with different OS distributions and different compiler toolchains packaging things in (a limited number of) different places. My Ubuntu 20.04 gcc system has only time.h , but my macOS 12.6 clang system has both time...

SVG not supported 12:31pm Sun 30th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Just another question regarding these types of questions where the program function accepts a file directory name as an argument. Do we assume that these file directory names are their full pathnames? Or should we use realpath() to convert the names ...

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