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From: Christopher M.
Date: Thu 29th Jul 2021, 2:29pm


> I was just wondering what the default C compiler for this unit is? And which one will 
> be used to run our projects? In lecture 2 you mentioned the gcc compiler… is this the 
> online compiler that we are meant to use??

(a more descriptive Subject will help everyone out, particularly as the number of different topics 

Whether using the Linux operating system natively (booted from its own disk partition), using Linux 
within some virtual environment under Windows or macOS,  or even on macOS itself, we'll use the 
*native* C compiler for the platform.

The native C compiler under Linux is named gcc, and under macOS is named clang  (and more 
confusingly, gcc may also be installed on macOS, and clang may be installed on Linux).

HOWEVER, don't worry about which actual compiler is in place on your system.
While you can invoke  gcc  or clang  to identify exactly which you want, it's best to just invoke  
cc  (standing for C Compiler),  and that will run the native compiler on your system, regardless of 
which it is.

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