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From: Amitava D.
Date: Tue 27th Jul 2021, 1:12pm

"James Hill" <23*9*5*[email protected]*u*e*t*u*a*e*u*a*> wrote:

> I have never coded with the C language what program/application would you recommended 
> to code with? 

As Chris has written, he will show you the basics this Friday. I would
just add that we need almost nothing except a C compiler and a text
editor. You have to type the C program in the text editor, save it with
a .c extension, and then use the gcc compiler to compile it. The compiler
will produce an executable file(it is called a.out by default in a linux
system), but you can give it another name using compiler options. You
have to then type the name of the executable and press the 'enter'
key to run it.

There are of course IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) for writing
and compiling C code, but we don't need anything more than what I have
described above.

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