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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in CITS2002 Systems Programming.

Please consider offering answers and suggestions to help other students! And if you fix a problem by following a suggestion here, it would be great if other interested students could see a short "Great, fixed it!" followup message.

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An update on the 1st project

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From: Christopher M.
Date: Tue 21st Sep 2021, 1:50pm
An update on the 1st project, as some students are asking about some of these matters. 

To date (still some students with approved extensions) we have 173
project submissions, of which 87 were from students working in pairs.

(as is typical) about 15% were submitted late, but this is overlooked if
you submitted just a few minutes late. 14 submissions did not compile,
and I've now contacted all of those students.

[There has been a small problem identified with a handful of submissions
that employed nested functions. C11 does not support nested functions but,
unfortunately, gcc on Linux accepts them, even if -std=c11 is specified.
(Typical of) GNU software to defy standards by 'throwing in' some
extra helpful options, even if not requested, and difficult to remove
(need -pedantic).  No such problems with clang.  As the project spec. did
not require you to use -pedantic, we'll ignore this matter in compiling
and marking.  Fixed for Project-2!]

We'll get a well commented sample solution to you all as soon as the
last anticipated project is submitted.

Good luck,
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