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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Graphics and Animation (CITS3003).
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Resources issue for the project

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From: Naveed A.
Date: Tue 5th May 2020, 10:49am
Dear all,
   As you know, the project deadline is fast approaching. I am glad to see that some 
of you have already made the submission. However, it appears that a few students may 
still be struggling with resources for the project. It has been brought to my 
attention that UniDesk and Azure lab solutions are not exactly fulfilling our 
requirement. If you are someone who is still not able to make OpenGL work on her/his 
personal machine (including the case that you dont have a personal machine), then 
please attend the Zoom labs for this unit and discuss with the lab facilitator the 
exact problem that you are facing - show them the problem on your machine. It will be 
good if you can discuss the issue as soon as possible so that we can solve it at the 
right time. 
    I should mention that up until now many queries regarding setting up OpenGL on 
personal machines have been answered by the lab facilitators, and based on the early 
release of the project and mild attendance in Zoom labs lately, it appeared that all 
students had managed to get OpenGL working for them. If this is not true for any of 
you, please attend the first available lab to report your problem. Whereas IT has 
been pushed to upgrade UniDesk and Azure lab solutions, in reporting your problem in 
Zoom lab, please do not assume that these solutions are available to you as backup. 
We need to prepare for the worst case scenario. Thanks.

Kind regards,
Unit Coordinator.    
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