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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Graphics and Animation (CITS3003).
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photo On project demonstrations
Wed 27th May, 5:57pm, Naveed A.
Dear all, Some of you might have been told in the demo that your submission was not received. This is not true. We have received everyone's submission who is giving the demo. The demo list was made out of the submitted projects. Due to large sizes...
photo Project demonstration schedule released
Mon 25th May, 3:28pm, Naveed A.
Dear all, For those who have submitted their project, demonstration schedule has been released. You can find the schedule in Week-12 folder of Weekly Modules for CITS 3003 in your LMS. The schedule notes your student ID, date, and time for your demo....
photo Announcements for week 12
Mon 25th May, 9:48am, Naveed A.
Dear all, Please note the following for this week. - We will use this week's lab sessions for project demonstrations only. - There will be no Zoom lab sessions on Monday (25.05.20). - Lectures for this week will be released by Friday. - The last lecture...
photo On project demonstration (FAQs)
Fri 22nd May, 11:30am, Naveed A.
Dear all, We will utilise the next two weeks for project demonstrations. Below are my replies to queries you might have regarding the demo at this stage. Further information on demos will be released soon. How will the demo be conducted? You will demonstrate...

UWA week 22 - 1st semester, week 12

photo Re: Absent from Project Demonstration. (all 7)
Thu 28th May, 1:32pm, Naveed A.
5. 21988858 (16:10 slot on 27th May 2020)
photo Re: Will my grade mostly depends on demo? (both)
Tue 26th May, 9:28pm, Naveed A.
Demo on your own machine will allow you to show the best version of your project. If its not working on your own/native machine (which you used to develop the code), it can not be expected to work on other machines as well. So, you can expect that the...

UWA week 21 - 1st semester, week 11

photo Re: Demonstration time (both)
Fri 22nd May, 11:31am, Naveed A.
Please see the most recent announcement. Thanks. Regards, UC
photo Re: References? (both)
Fri 22nd May, 8:59am, Naveed A.
If you meant referencing in report, there is no particular style requirement. Use any that you like.
photo Submitting your project
Thu 21st May, 3:27pm, Naveed A.
Dear all, For the project, there is no need to submit the folder of texture maps. We already have that folder. If you like, you can replace that folder with an empty folder with correct name. The marker can simply copy the texture maps in that folder...

UWA week 20 - 1st semester, week 10

photo Re: Information on Examplify (ExamSoft) (both)
Fri 15th May, 3:42pm, Naveed A.  O.P.
Dear all, As you must already know that CITS 3003 will have software-based exam using Examplify (ExamSoft). I just wanted to bring to your attention the following useful URL for the support regarding ExamSoft(https://www.uwa.edu.au/students/Study- success/Student-support-for-online-exams)....
photo Information on Examplify (ExamSoft) (both)
Fri 15th May, 3:39pm, Naveed A.
Dear all, As you must already know that CITS 3003 will have software based exam using Examplify (ExamSoft). I just wanted to bring to your attention the following useful URL for the support regarding ExamSoft(https://www.uwa.edu.au/students/Study- success/Student-support-for-online-exams)....
photo Re: Part J (c) (both)
Fri 15th May, 10:44am, Naveed A.
Can you please attend a lab session to discuss with a Facilitator. Thanks. Regards, UC.
photo Re: The last zoom session (both)
Fri 15th May, 10:25am, Naveed A.
The project deadline is 22.05.20. We will use the Zoom labs in the 12th week (and further extra sessions) for the demonstration purpose. It is likely that we will also have demonstration sessions in the week after that (following our usual schedule of...
photo Re: Examplify Mock Exam (all 5)
Fri 15th May, 10:09am, Naveed A.
I hope the issue was resolved in time. Indeed, its the exam team that is handling the mock exam, not individual UCs. Its the same mock exam across all units. The following URL can be helpful if you are facing problems with ExamSoft/Examplify (https://www.uwa.edu.au/students/Study-success/Student-support-for-online-exams)...

UWA week 19 - 1st semester, week 9

photo Resources issue for the project
Tue 5th May, 10:49am, Naveed A.
Dear all, As you know, the project deadline is fast approaching. I am glad to see that some of you have already made the submission. However, it appears that a few students may still be struggling with resources for the project. It has been brought...
photo Re: Azure Lab Access? (all 4)
Tue 5th May, 9:51am, Naveed A.
Hi Logan, Thanks for the update. I've also received the reply from IT. Unfortunately, Azure lab solution is for overseas students only. Students in Australia are expected to access machines via Unidesk. However, IT is currently struggling to make both...
photo Re: Azure Lab Access? (all 4)
Mon 4th May, 5:05pm, Naveed A.
Hi Logan, Thanks for bringing it up. In my understanding, you should have received an email directly from University IT regarding the Azure lab. I am mentioning it based on the instructions on the following URL https://www.uwa.edu.au/library/learning-online....

UWA week 18 - 1st semester, week 8

photo Password for Zoom labs
Fri 1st May, 2:22pm, Naveed A.
Dear all, From now on you will need to enter a password for the Zoom labs. The scheduled labs will have the meeting ID 4434972922, and password 965969. You may also be able to access the labs using the following URL (and entering the pwd) https://uwa.zoom.us/j/4434972922?pwd=UnA1VytnK0NRdzVadVBjWGM0TFNIdz09...
photo Re: Part G (both)
Fri 1st May, 9:46am, Naveed A.
Can you please attend a Zoom lab for the unit and discuss with the lab facilitator, showing your code. Varying does mean the opposite but the error may be resulting from something else. Regards Naveed
photo Re: MacOS ScrollWheel (all 11)
Fri 1st May, 9:41am, Naveed A.
Is this problem faced by other Mac users as well? Has any of you been able to fix this issue? Please reply to this thread. Regards, Unit Coordinator.
photo Re: Lecture recording (both)
Fri 1st May, 9:25am, Naveed A.
Hi, There is no second screen for the other lectures unfortunately. Only Lecture 14 had the projector video available. In other lectures, the lecturer is actually mainly referring to lecture theatre equipment (e.g. desk). No specialised equipment was...
photo Re: About project report (both)
Fri 1st May, 9:18am, Naveed A.
ANONYMOUS wrote: You don't need to show the parts of the code in the report. Just describe it briefly. Students are allowed any OS that can cause different OpenGL versions and project setups etc. Hence, you are asked to put details specific to OS/OpenGL...

UWA week 16 - 1st semester, mid-semester break

photo Re: Project Jumpy Camera (all 11)
Wed 15th Apr, 9:15am, Naveed A.
Thanks guys for pointing out this issue. You are allowed to share the fix. Regards, Unit Coordinator.

UWA week 15 - 1st semester, non-teaching week

photo Re: Project "improvements" limitation (both)
Wed 8th Apr, 3:02pm, Naveed A.
Hi Matthew, Actually, you are allowed to do so. Just be careful though. You need to first ensure that your solution is doing what has been asked, and the rest are actually 'improvements'. Regards, Naveed
photo Re: Project Partners (both)
Wed 8th Apr, 1:36pm, Naveed A.
ANONYMOUS wrote: You are encouraged to discuss among yourselves the principles and problems. It should not stop you from teaching and learning concepts. However, to allow group work, the project scope will have to increase considerably. This is resulting...
photo Project released
Tue 7th Apr, 1:33pm, Naveed A.
Dear all, I hope you are doing well. The programming project for the unit has now been released. Please visit the labs OR lectures page of the unit website to access it (or simply use the URL https://teaching.csse.uwa.edu.au/units/CITS3003/labsheet.php?...
photo No zoom sessions during break (reminder)
Mon 6th Apr, 2:28pm, Naveed A.
Dear students, I hope all of you are doing good and staying safe. I just wanted to remind you that this week and the week to follow (i.e. from 06.04.20 to 17.04.20) there will be no scheduled lab/consultation Zoom sessions due to the tuition free week....
photo Re: Color in pipeline (both)
Mon 6th Apr, 2:21pm, Naveed A.
Raterization results in fragments, where a fragment is later used to compute the final data for a pixel in the output frame buffer. The output from a fragment shader contains the list of colors for the color buffers. So, coloring is associated more to...
photo Re: Stop examplify petition (both)
Mon 6th Apr, 2:11pm, Naveed A.
Kindly use this forum only to discuss matters specific to CITS 3003. Please refrain from using it for promoting petitions. Thank you. Regards, Unit Coordinator

UWA week 14 - 1st semester, week 6

photo Re: Mid-term test and its solution (both)
Thu 2nd Apr, 4:26pm, Naveed A.  O.P.
Dear students, I hope all of you are doing well. As promised, the mid-term test and its solution are now available on the unit website (Lecture Slides page). The solution is provided as a reference for those who would like to mark their solutions themselves....
photo Mid term test and its solution (both)
Thu 2nd Apr, 4:24pm, Naveed A.
Dear students, I hope all of you are doing well. As promised, the mid-term test and its solution are now available on the unit website (Lecture Slides page). The solution is provided as a reference for those who would like to mark their solutions themselves....

UWA week 13 - 1st semester, week 5

photo Re: Mac OS setup (all 5)
Fri 27th Mar, 3:01pm, Naveed A.
In case you are interested in installing ubuntu/linux on virtual machine, you are welcome to join the lab session. Its currently live 2-4pm Friday. Please keep the iso of the os with you, as it takes long to download and we have limited time.
photo Re: Event Mode vs Request Mode (all 3)
Tue 24th Mar, 1:21pm, Naveed A.
A computer has a number of input devices such as keyboard and mouse. These devices contain a trigger which can be used to send a signal to the OS. For the request input mode, the input is provided to the program only when the user triggers the device (e.g....

UWA week 12 - 1st semester, week 4

photo On how to join and operate in online lab sessions.
Sun 22nd Mar, 12:37pm, Naveed A.
Dear all, As you know, we are shifting to online mode from Monday 23.03.20. You will be able to access online lab sessions for CITS 3003 via Zoom. To access, you will need to do the following: We will setup a Zoom meeting during each scheduled lab session....
photo Changes to unit for online mode shift (important)
Fri 20th Mar, 9:40am, Naveed A.
Dear students, As you are aware that from Monday (23.03.20) we are shifting to online mode of teaching. As a result of this move, the following changes will apply to CITS 3003. (1) Lectures: There will be no lectures in the lecture theater. You will...
photo Re: Why are vectors considered as columns in matrices? (both)
Fri 20th Mar, 9:30am, Naveed A.
Each column and each row of a matrix 'can' be considered as a vector. It is generally more helpful in linear algebra computation and understanding to think of a matrix as an arrangement of column vectors. This has to do with the sub-spaces formed by column...
photo Re: Does the coronavirus situation change anything to the course? (both)
Thu 19th Mar, 12:43pm, Naveed A.
There are going to be changes in assessments. Announcement in this regard will come soon. For the time being, you can assume that there will be no graded mid- term test in week 6. Please keep an eye out for the announcements from CITS3003 in the next couple...

UWA week 11 - 1st semester, week 3

photo Re: Project Libraries (both)
Mon 9th Mar, 10:33am, Naveed A.
The project will be evaluated using PCs in Labs assigned to the unit. There will be no restriction on the libraries per se, other than their smooth compilation on Lab PCs. It will be recommended that you test your solution on Lab PCs.
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