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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Agile Web Development (CITS3403).
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Exam discussion

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From: Timothy F.
Date: Tue 14th Apr 2020, 2:09pm


Hi all, 

I'm not sure how closely you have been folloiwng the discussions about exams at 
UWA. The official plan is to use software from Examsoft (https://examsoft.com/), 
Examplify, which allows students to do invigilated exams at home.

It requires the students to have a computer with webcam running windows 10 or osX 
10.13+ (no linux unfortunately) and needs admin priveleges to be installed. It 
does not require a constant internet connection during the exam, but does require 
the student to download the exam and upload answers at the end. It uses a high 
degree of monitoring including using webcam and microphone and locking down the 
OS for the duration of the exam.

For students with appropriate hardware this offers a reasonable exam experience. 
You can create an account on your machine just for the exams to ensure that your 
privacy is safe-guarded, answers are typed directl into the application, and all 
exams will be written as open book exams, probably running for the standard two 
hours. Students with larger screens/better hardware, may be at some advantage.

However, since not all students have suitable hardware, or are willing to agree 
to the license agreement, we have been asked to provide an alternative (parallel) 
assessment (possibly zoom invigilated test, or take home assignement with zoom 
oral interview or viva afterwards).

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts of these options. Do you have suitable 
hardware for Examplify, and would you be willing or keen to use it? Do you forsee 
any problems with the proposed solution?

I will prepare some official information on this next week, but I'd like to hear 
your opinions.




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