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Do we need to write CSS history ?

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From: Timothy F.
Date: Mon 20th Apr 2020, 11:30am



> ANONYMOUS wrote:
> > i spent hours on CSS history because it was part of the marking scheme. What do i do now? 
> > do i get rid of the entire sectrion?
> I'd like to add onto this as well. Many people in the CITS community discord were discussing 
> this discrepancy and most of us had decided that it would be better to include a section on CSS 
> history, just to be sure. It would be reasonable to assume that others not in the discord also 
> checked the marking key and added that section just to be sure, putting countless hours into 
> this section. It would be amazing if those people could be awarded marks for choosing to include 
> this section.

Sorry about the confusion. The content will still be assessed and you will be awarded marks. However 
people won't be penalised if they only discussed "purpose and motivation" of CSS (which is not to 
different to history, really).

Also "countless hours"? 

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