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CITS4401 examsoft question

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From: Rachel CO.
Date: Sat 6th Jun, 2:55pm


I received a query about the exam, with a bit of a misunderstanding about the exam 
rules.  So please everyone read the following carefully and make sure you are clear 
about what is expected of you.

CITS4401 SW Requirements and Design is a CLOSED book exam.
You are NOT allowed any printed material or written or electronic notes.
You ARE allowed to have blank paper to make notes on.
So it will be the similar conditions to a written exam in an exam hall - except you 
type into examsoft instead of writing on paper.

Note that the rules for the examsoft exam are the same as the ones we gave you for the 
sample exam (which you can check again here: 
That is:

The time allowed to complete the exam is 135 minutes. (2 hour exam plus 15 minutes to 
allow for any technology overheads)
This is a closed book ExamSoft exam.
No handwritten or printed notes, books are allowed.
No electronic devices are permitted during the examination.
Calculators are not allowed for this exam.
Students may use blank paper for rough working during the exam.
But all answers must be typed in ExamSoft for marking.
Any feedback for the examiner must be entered using the ExamSoft Notes feedback 

And a final bit of advice:
This password will be available 15 minutes prior to the exam commencement, and become 
unavailable 30 minutes after the exam commences. 
To find the password goto the LMS page for CITS4401, the password is under 
“Assessments” and then the “Final Exam” folder. 
(This folder is not available yet, but will be made visible nearer the exam time.)
Once you enter the password:
- you do NOT need to wait at the yellow screen with the big red button; 
- you do NOT need to wait for any instruction from someone else;
- you  CAN start the exam immediately.

Good luck!
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