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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Computer Vision (CITS4402).
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UWA week 9 - 1st semester, week 1

photo Re: Script to download images for the lab (all 3)
Wed 26th Feb, 7:29pm, Benjamin L.
I don't think we have access to them yet, I imagine they will eventually replace the labs on the 2018 website.
photo Obtaining MATLAB on my laptop
questionWed 26th Feb, 7:14pm, Benjamin L.
I'm having issues getting access to MatLab on my laptop, does anyone know how to get it? The website https://www.physics.uwa.edu.au/students/it_support/software/matlab_questions says that you need to use to the UWA FlexLM license server through a VPN to...
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