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Can I get the feedback of my first worshop mark?

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From: Arran S.
Date: Fri 20th Mar 2020, 3:11pm


Hi Chang.

If you're wondering why you got the mark you did, there's a few things that might help:

- Have you looked at the model answers, and the assessment rubric? Both are available from
You might want to compare your answers with those given.

- Have you read the general feedback given for the exercises? It is available here:

- Have you looked at the marked copy of your submission? It's available from cssubmit - you 
should see a link that says "feedback provided". Unfortunately when marking there is only 
time to give a brief indication of problems or good points in the submission, but hopefully 
it helps.

If you have tried that, and are still not sure why you got the mark you did, feel free to 
come along to my office hours (4 pm Tuesdays), or email me for an appointment if that doesn't 
suit. I am happy to meet via telephone, skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom if you aren't able to 
attend in person.

I hope that helps.



"Chang Su" <22*9*1*[email protected]*u*e*t*u*a*e*u*a*> wrote:

> Hi Professer Arran,
> Can I get the feedback of my workshop answer? Because I think my score is not up to my 
> expectation. I want to know what the problem is.
> Regards,
> Chang

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