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10:54am Wed 24th Aug, Christopher M.

"Ryan White" [email protected] wrote:

* * 1 * mon foo

"run foo on every minute of every hour on the first day of each month if it's a monday"

Yes, that's how I interpret it. I think about the asterisks as wildcards, and effectively ignoring them, so the above matches any minute/hour/month when the 1st of the month is also a Monday.

Unsure if the Clarifications page also answers this question for you.

Also can the same command be on multiple non-comment lines

* * 1 jan * foo
* * 2 jan * foo

Yes, certainly. With our simplified format, this is the only way to indicate multiple values, without using an asterisk.

Actual implementations of cron support many easy-to-use-but-difficult-to-parse values such as "1,2" or "5-9", but supporting those would make our project far too difficult.

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