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7:11am Thu 4th Aug, Christopher M.

I received this general question via email:
> Hi Chris, > > I picked up a copy of stallings OS book and the modern approach to C by K.N King. > > I was wondering if you could kindly direct me to which parts of the textbooks I should read, or if I should just slowly make my way through the both of them over the next 12 weeks. > > Or should I use them as a reference when required for further understanding of topics you teach us in lecture?
As you know, we're not following any particular text verbatim, but the concepts that are covered in our unit can be found in (any) good textbook on Operating Systems and/or C. The title/wording used on our Schedule page are very likely identical to those in the Table of Contents in a good textbook. For Operating Systems topics, the core areas are processes, memory management, file-systems, and system-calls. For the C language, the core areas (apart from basic programming) are addresses/pointers, memory-management, file I/O, and system-calls. When I've settled on the scope of the first project, in a couple of weeks, the order of presentation on our Schedule page will be 'fixed'. Hopefully this answers your question,

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