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5:40am Sat 3rd Sep, Christopher M.

> It seems to be working now, I think, as the error isn't appearing. On another note, how do we know that our file has been read? I'm using sscanf() to read the crontab file but the program doesn't return anything. When I use sscanf(), I'm inputting the desired format as a string but the individual values are ints, so when I'm assigning each value of the string to a struct value, it doesn't work (because from char to int). Can someone please help me with this? Thank you.
Glad that you've made progress, although your explanation of why(?) doesn't build confidence that you've really fixed it. Segmentation faults nearly always occur when accessing memory that you process doesn't own, typically by accessing an array outside of its declared dimensions. However, I don't know what you're asking " do we know that our file has been read?". You've written the code to *read* the (lines of a) file. Why do you think that those lines are not working? Are any of this elines function calls which probably return an indication of any errors?

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