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6:36am Fri 9th Sep, Christopher M.

> Having an issue getting over the segmentation fault hurdle, I have spent days trying different approaches and still cannot figure out where its coming from. To quote Chris' response to another post they "nearly always occur when accessing memory that your process doesn't own, typically by accessing an array outside of its declared dimensions". The problem is my approach to breaking a string into words seems to work for the 1st line of the 1st file read before the fault occurs. I'm using code containing fgets() from the lectures, does that mean the issue is in fgets()? Idk where to even begin if it is...
>From your own example output, it should be clear that fgets() is not the problem - it's your code to break the line (now in a character array) into words, or that you are not converting/storing the words correctly (unsure if you're that far, yet).
Break the problem down into steps of increasing complexity: - can you correctly read/print an empty file? - is that first experiment broken by the addition of comment line(s)? - can you correctly identify lines that are neither comments or commands? - can you correctly read/print a file of just one command line? - does it matter if the date/time fields are always integers, or does adding 1, 2, ... asterisks break things? - does it matter if comment-lines appear before, or after, that single command line? - can you correctly read/print a file of the same command line, repeated 2, 3, .... times? - can you correctly read/print a file of two command lines that differ only in their command-name (6th word)? Have your code call exit() as soon as you reach the end of the file, so that you know the problem is isolated to reading/storing the data. Hope this helps,

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