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7:48am Sat 6th Aug, Christopher M.

"Haoxuan Long" <23*4*1*[email protected]*u*e*t*u*a*e*u*a*> wrote:
> I need some help with question 10, specifically need help with c deciding whether my file is the name of a text file or an user input text. > few lines of my code: > > FILE *fp; > //there is a text file "text.txt" located in the follow folder > fp = fopen("/mnt/c/Users/argvalue[1]", "r+"); > > > the output is "no such file or directory, segmentation fault" when i input the command line argument of text.txt, I must specify the name of file by replacing argvalue[1] with "text.txt"in the code for the text to be read and ciphered. > > But if I do change argvalue[1] into text.txt, when I have a command line input, the code will cipher text.txt regardless so I don't want that either. Thought I might need some kind of isdigit checking function but for files, but i can't find that on the internet.
You do not need to prefix each filename with its (assumed) directory. Just try to open the required filename, and if the user wishes to open a file located in another directory, then they will provide the required directory and file name themselves: fp = fopen( argvalue[1], "r" ); The fopen() function indicates success or failure by returning a non-NULL or NULL value, respectively. Use that returned value to decide if the file exists: if(fp == NULL) { .....

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