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1:02pm Mon 12th Sep, Christopher M.

Hi Rados, "Rados Markovic" <23*2*1*[email protected]*u*e*t*u*a*e*u*a*> wrote:
> Is the sample solution done to the full requirements of the project (would it recieve full marks)?
Yes (I hope so); it also implements helpful debug output, but that is not required.
> I ask this because the sample solution accepts a cron file input that contains a command run on the 31st of feb. > Do I have to reject that as an invalid input or just accept it and not run it like the sample sol does?
Do you have an example of what fails? The line: 0 3 31 1 * daily-backup is correctly detected/reported as an error.
> The project outline states that there will be an estimate for every cron entry, does the reverse hold true?
The reverse does not hold.
> Will we be given sample data when testing our code where there exists an estimate for a command that doesn't appear in the cron file?
That's a possible/reasonable thing to want. It enables us to have a huge, general, estimates file, that applies to many different crontab files.
> I understand that we will be given cron files that have multiple lines for the same command eg: > > Cron file > > 0 3 * * tue twice-weekly-backup > 0 3 * * thu twice-weekly-backup > > in that case will we be given 2 different lines in the estimate file or just 1?
Just one line in the estimates file. (if needing to support this, you could give each command a different name)

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