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Hello friends I have been stuck for a while now on conceptualising a logical flow for simulating the running of the crontab processes. My plan was to have a while loop to iterate through every single minute in the target month, updating the counts of starting/running/terminating processes at the end of every iteration of the loop. Something like, while(is_current_month){ print(current_minute); current_minute++; } However, I am stuck as to how to progress from here. I'm not asking for help with the C language, rather some architectural tips on how to logically step out the process of start, duration, and end of a process within this loop. Do I iterate through every single line in crontab-file, testing if the minute and hour are equal to the current minute and hour? Or if the crontab hour is a "*" and the current minute is 0? etc. This doesn't seem efficient, there would have to be a dozen "if-or-or-or" statements to account for the multiple different combinations of "*" characters and integer entries that could lead to the current minute being a valid time for a process to be started. Apologies for the wall of text, I am sure I'm missing something obvious since no one else has asked this yet. Thanks

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