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11:05am Sun 18th Sep, Matthew C.

I didn't partner up for this project, my schedule wasn't suitable, but in the java unit my partner and I had a ~ similar level of knowledge. We both worked individually on our project, but 2 or 3 times each week we had a microsoft teams meeting where one of us shared a screen with both our current code side by side, and we went through each method verbally and explained to each other the reasons we had approached a method differently (in some cases we had basically the same approach, so it was just a matter of deciding who's looked neater/ more readable), in other cases after discussion it was usually clear which of us had come up with the superior solution. We definitely ended up with code superior to what either of us would have produced alone. In essence, I think the important aspects of working in a group are not leaving peer code review until the end, make it a continuous process. (you might be busy, but most people can spare an hour every couple of days with the ease and convenience of the uni's teams platform from wherever you have internet access and comfort). Both people should attempt to solve each part of the problem, if you try to split up the work neither of you will give anywhere near as useful feedback if you hadn't had to think deeply about a problem. I think it is important to work with someone of a similar level of knowledge (and motivation), you will not have a good time if there is a lack of mutual respect of each others ability and effort. And importantly don't have too much of an ego. Even if you are the slightly more experienced and better coder, I guarantee your partner will have done at least something in a better way than you did.

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