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 UWA week 37 (2nd semester, week 7) ↓
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4:52pm Sun 18th Sep, ANONYMOUS

Thanks for sharing the detailed account. I completely agree with making it a continuous process, and having mutual respect for ability and effort. If they have a better method for existing codebase which is cleaner to implement and read, don't be afraid to scrap some of yours. If they are not familiar with a concept or technology, do take time to teach them. I didn't have a partner for this project either, but had one for a group project in CITS3403 to build a full stack web app, with a database and all. ([Link][CITS3403]) Due to the scope of the project, our approach was much more encapsulated: We discussed at the high-level about what features and functions we needed, and the outputs we required to pass as parameters/arguments. Then we'd part ways and work on each feature independently. After a module was completed, we'd share the Git pull request and briefed the partner on what was achieved. Then it would be fitted into the main codebase like a jigsaw piece. Honestly, sometimes I'd have a faint understanding of their implementation, and I often didn't do more than skim over it for clarification, but it passed me the variables in the correct format to feed into another feature or function. For our encapsulated approach, that's all that mattered. I didn't have to have fine-grain knowledge of everything written. I didn't see or talk to the lad until our final presentation, but discussed our code and progress through Teams chat consistently, as it were a continuous process. We did score in the high 90s and walked away with more confidence, and a full stack project that could be used in our portfolios to boot. I'm not sure whether this approach would be as effective in this unit, nor for a group size larger than two, but hopefully it provides some insight for larger projects.

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