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3:24am Wed 5th Oct, Christopher M.

> Hello Chris, I'm quite confused with how the trove_file should more or less look like. > How does each file listed in the trove_file store the words to be searched? > - does each of the listed files store those words like a hashtable? > - e.g. file1 - "hello", "hey",... > file2 - "hello", "blah",... > - the given example is where the word "hello" is seemingly stored more than once, but each file stores the word only once > - or should the trove_file be more like storing the listed files, along with a whole list of words found in those files, provided that each word appears only once > > Just to get a clearer picture, I would like you to provide a brief draft of the trove_file structure
I'm not going, or able, to provide a description of the trove-file format, because its design (and implementation) is completely up to you. There is no single required format, else it would have been specified on the project sheet. You will need to design+develop a format that is (obviously) able to store the filenames and the words, and then be able to read it back when searching for a word. There is no requirement to store each filename and each word only once, but having a trove-file that is larger than the total size of all files indexed is undesirable. This is not in the project simply to be annoying - computer users expect searching (of anything) to be quick, and the biggest gains in speed come from reducing the size of data that is read from disk. Moreover, successful completion of this part will improve your understanding of pointers in C.

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