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 UWA week 36 (2nd semester, mid-semester break) ↓
SVG not supported 9:31pm Mon 4th Sep, ANONYMOUS

I may of found a bug, when I just ran my own custom commands.txt file through the example it outputted 0036 0036 IDLE 0037 IDLE How can one clock cycle (36) do a transition and a IDLE cycle also? Should the IDLE start at 37? Thanks

 UWA week 34 (2nd semester, week 5) ↓
SVG not supported 11:20am Wed 23rd Aug, ANONYMOUS

Ok thankyou, that makes a lot more sense. This might be a silly question but does that mean I would then hardcode the read() write() sleep() system calls since multiple commands call them? I know they dont actually read or write anything.

SVG not supported 11:08am Wed 23rd Aug, ANONYMOUS

I edited out lots of code so it's not breaking any rules but here is what I'm thinking sorry, even that code removed by Chris What im asking is whether the commands followed by a TAB are ignored by read commands() and are instead hardcoded into a fu...

SVG not supported 10:54am Wed 23rd Aug, ANONYMOUS

I know we dont actually read() or write() anything, what I meant was whether the commands followed by a tab are read by Read commands() and Execute commands().

SVG not supported 10:37am Wed 23rd Aug, ANONYMOUS

Hi, I have a quick question about the project. With the command file I am confused as to how to implement the 'sleep' 'read' 'write' commands that are followed by a TAB space. Is the correct way creating functions called "void Shortsleep()" "void Long...

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