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 UWA week 43 (2nd semester, study break) ↓
SVG not supported 5:25pm Wed 26th Oct, ANONYMOUS

"Sample answers to past exam papers will not be provided" Pretty standard for units like this, probably becuase similar questions are often asked, so releasing solutions makes it too easy.

SVG not supported 6:07pm Mon 24th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Oh damn fair enough, thanks for the response. Any chance at releasing marks for the the ones marked and submitted on time?

SVG not supported 2:01pm Mon 24th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hi there, any updates on Project 1 marks? Just want to know some sort of mark before going into the final exam.

 UWA week 40 (2nd semester, week 10) ↓
SVG not supported 12:49pm Sun 9th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Actually it still does it for the second one when you provide it with a word. I believe I am doing the exact same thing as in the latest workshop.

SVG not supported 12:39pm Sun 9th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Dont worry I was being stupid lol

SVG not supported 12:30pm Sun 9th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hi I think I'm being a bit silly but how do u invoke the sample solution? like it says tmp trove-StudentNumber No such file or directory

SVG not supported 11:51am Wed 5th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Right okay, and if no trove-file is provided do we look for a file matching the default name and if that doesn't exist search everything?

SVG not supported 11:46am Wed 5th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hi, for the first format - . trove -f trovefile word Is that asking trove to find the absolute pathname of every file in every directory containing the provided word? What role does the optional trove-file input play in this scenario? If it is pr...

SVG not supported 11:36am Wed 5th Oct, ANONYMOUS

awesome thanks

SVG not supported 11:26am Wed 5th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hi there, can all 3 options '-b' '-r' '-u' be toggled at once or are they singluar like only one can be called at once? So is it -b OR -r OR -u, or can you accept multiple? At the moment I thought of it as being seperate options and not being able t...

SVG not supported 12:43pm Mon 3rd Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hi there, Sorry if this has been answered before, just wondering if there will be past Final Exams released in the next couple of weeks to practice for the final, even if there're no solutions. Thanks

 UWA week 37 (2nd semester, week 7) ↓
SVG not supported 3:07pm Thu 15th Sep, ANONYMOUS

Hi, Our project is only going to be recieving txt files as input right?

SVG not supported 2:49pm Thu 15th Sep, ANONYMOUS

Hi there, In the sample solution, if you put in an estimates file like so format command-name minutes weekly-backup 8. word daily-backup 1 send-monthly-newsletter 1 submit-project 1 deep-thought 6 I...

SVG not supported 1:34pm Tue 13th Sep, ANONYMOUS

Yh I should have checked that outputs something like line 2 unrecognized in crontab-file '03 daily-backup' So will follow that )

SVG not supported 1:15pm Tue 13th Sep, ANONYMOUS

Hi there, Am just clarifying, the specification says "Your estimatecron program should check the validity of the information in its input files (reporting any errors)" Does means that if an input file has errors in it we should terminate? Or are we sti...

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