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 UWA week 43 (2nd semester, study break) ↓
SVG not supported 12:31pm Sun 30th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Just another question regarding these types of questions where the program function accepts a file directory name as an argument. Do we assume that these file directory names are their full pathnames? Or should we use realpath() to convert the names ...

SVG not supported 11:59pm Fri 28th Oct, ANONYMOUS

ANONYMOUS wrote Sorry I don't know why but the actual post is showing only one space before the debugging statement but there's supposed to 4 spaces preceding it. printf(" searching for ' s' n", wanted); 4 spaces 1 tab in my text editor ...

SVG not supported 11:56pm Fri 28th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hello, I've completed submitted my project-2 ages ago, but I just had a concerning thought regarding my debugging statements while examining the sample solution code. So for my debugging statements, I did printf(" searching for ' s' n", wanted); ...

 UWA week 42 (2nd semester, week 12) ↓
SVG not supported 1:08am Thu 20th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hi Chris, on that note, and if you don't mind me asking, how many marks will I be missing out on if I fail to implement gzip and zcat in my final submission? Ofcourse, I'll try my best to complete the project and meet all the requirements, but the las...

SVG not supported 10:01pm Wed 19th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hello, In my program I'm currently using dup2() to redirect the standard output to a file instead of the console. However, after that line of code my program stops printing any debugging statements done by printf(). I was wondering if there is a way t...

SVG not supported 3:33pm Wed 19th Oct, ANONYMOUS

This exact point was answered by Chris here https run help2002?p np opt U670

SVG not supported 10:31pm Tue 18th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hello, I'm also having a similar problem with the op, but instead my trove program, when attempting to build the trove-file, prints this statement out gzip myTroveFileName file size changed while zipping Now, when I do "echo ?" straight afterward...

SVG not supported 9:51pm Mon 17th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hello, This is my first time having to decide the contribution percentages for a project. What does that actually do to an individual's final mark? Let's say I'm working with a partner and we decided to go 50 50 contribution, does that mean I as an ind...

 UWA week 41 (2nd semester, week 11) ↓
SVG not supported 5:23pm Mon 10th Oct, ANONYMOUS

This might not be the answer that you're after, but from Lecture-8 there's this paragraph "File access mode flag "b" can optionally be specified to open a file inbinary mode (described later). This flag has effect only on Windows systems, and is ignor...

 UWA week 39 (2nd semester, week 9) ↓
SVG not supported 4:25pm Tue 27th Sep, ANONYMOUS

Thanks The fixed it

SVG not supported 2:02pm Tue 27th Sep, ANONYMOUS

Hello, I'm just finishing off the lab sheet from last week but I am facing a problem when using strdup(). I've defined POSIX C SOURCE as 200809L before the statement that includes the string.h header file as follows define POSIX C SOURCE 2008...

 UWA week 37 (2nd semester, week 7) ↓
SVG not supported 7:26pm Sat 17th Sep, ANONYMOUS

Hello, This isn't really a question that focuses on this unit but one that I still want to ask here. Every time I'm involved in a group partner project for any of my CS units, I realized that all we end doing is work on the entire project individually ...

SVG not supported 8:17pm Thu 15th Sep, ANONYMOUS

Hello, According to 10 of the Project requirements and fine-print, our program is required to provide 3 words separated by one-or-more whitespace characters. My current program prints these outputs using printf(). This might be a unnecessary question...

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