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 UWA week 42 (2nd semester, week 12) ↓
SVG not supported 12:06pm Tue 18th Oct, Lloyd N.

Hey really sorry but I'm still a bit concerned with question 2 from my original post. Q1 and Q3 are sorted, I just had to use the sample solution properly. But now my program does what the sample solution does and just throws an error if trying to re...

 UWA week 41 (2nd semester, week 11) ↓
SVG not supported 2:41am Sun 16th Oct, Lloyd N.

Hello, I just have a few questions regarding the update and remove options for our trove program. 1) If the update option was chosen along side a length argument, would the new word length apply to just the new file(s) passed through? Or would it apply...

 UWA week 40 (2nd semester, week 10) ↓
SVG not supported 10:39pm Wed 5th Oct, Lloyd N.

Actually never mind, I was thinking about this the wrong way.

SVG not supported 10:35pm Wed 5th Oct, Lloyd N.

Hi Chris, If we end up choosing none of the 3 options (b,r and u) how would our program know if we are trying to invoke prompt.1 (. trove -f trovefile word) or prompt.2 (. trove -f trovefile -b -r -u -l length filelist)? Since i...

SVG not supported 9:57pm Wed 5th Oct, Lloyd N.

Hello, In Lecture 16 (03 10) Chris mentioned that after using getopt() we need to include argc - optind; argv optind; However, I couldn't find a reason for this nor an example showcasing getopt() with the above two lines of code on the internet. Do...

 UWA week 35 (2nd semester, week 6) ↓
SVG not supported 3:02pm Wed 31st Aug, Lloyd N.

Hello, I apologize if this has been asked already but I couldn't find a thread here that mentions this. Number 3 in the Project Fine-print states "The crontab-file and the estimates-file will each contain at most 20 non-comment lines." Now I was wonderi...

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