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 UWA week 41 (2nd semester, week 11) ↓
SVG not supported 7:00pm Wed 12th Oct, Christopher M.

ANONYMOUS wrote Before I repeat myself (or before anyone else replies - please??), can we ask if you've watched Lecture-17?

SVG not supported 5:44pm Wed 12th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hi guys, Can anyone explain how globals.c work in a bit more detail? As .c can include .h files only, I'm not sure how the global variables in globals.c is used in other .c files? thanks in advance

 UWA week 31 (2nd semester, week 2) ↓
SVG not supported 6:41am Tue 2nd Aug, Christopher M.

If you were looking in LMS for the recording, it almost certainly said "not yet recorded", or "not yet available". It is now there. Is this normal? No, the beginning of the semester has been a bit disrupted by a couple of events, but we should be get...

SVG not supported 11:24pm Mon 1st Aug, Shuang W.

Sorry, I can't see the recording of Monday's lecture. Is this normal?

 UWA week 30 (2nd semester, week 1) ↓
SVG not supported 11:11am Fri 29th Jul, Christopher M.

As soon as my voice comes back, I'll record the workshop (likely Saturday).

SVG not supported 11:09am Fri 29th Jul, Robert B.

The workshop recording seems to be blank, and doesnt have any video or sound

SVG not supported 10:47am Wed 27th Jul, Christopher M.

The recording for Lecture 02 is now available from the usual place LMS Units CITS2002 Lecture Recordings.

SVG not supported 10:46am Wed 27th Jul, Christopher M.

The recording for Lecture 02 is now available from the usual place LMS Units CITS2002 Lecture Recordings.

SVG not supported 2:31pm Tue 26th Jul, Kai L.

I think this is because the system automatically uploads the recording during lecture time no matter there is or no lecture actually held. We might just need to wait for the actual recording to be uploaded by professor.

SVG not supported 11:37am Tue 26th Jul, ANONYMOUS

Hello, As I clicked in the Lecture2 recording on LMS, there is no voice and videos in it and the screenshot is in the attachment. Am I the only one get into this situation? Thanks

SVG not supported 11:10am Tue 26th Jul, ANONYMOUS

Hi, just to check if the recordings for replacement lectures would be uploaded in the "Lecture Recordings" tab in LMS, or on "Schedule" tab in the unit's main page? Thanks

SVG not supported 5:16am Tue 26th Jul, Christopher M.

Hello Everyone, Sadly, I've just tested positive for COVID and so, following the WA Govt's and UWA's policies, will be isolating, but still working, at home for 7 days. The following CITS2002 face-to-face sessions are CANCELLED - Lecture, 10am Tuesda...

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