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SVG not supported 5:33pm Tue 14th Nov, Mehwish N.

Just like OP was entitled to his opinion, people who commented on his post are also entitled to their opinions. However, there was a little problem in that thread, people (including the OP) were disrespectful towards each other. We do not want people...

SVG not supported 11:31pm Mon 13th Nov, ANONYMOUS

Not available means you need to have an interview tomorrow at 10 to 12. There should be an email with more information.

SVG not supported 10:06pm Mon 13th Nov, ANONYMOUS

I feel that the use of 'scummy' was inappropriate because it was describing a person instead of a thing. We should focus on the thing (fact) itself rather than talking about a person's morality. It's a better way to say "Mehwish hasn't been making re...

SVG not supported 1:56pm Mon 13th Nov, Joshua N.

ANONYMOUS wrote Not sure. For me the project marks are item 2 on csmarks.

SVG not supported 1:53pm Mon 13th Nov, Joshua N.

Hello everyone, I am the student representative for Computer Science and Software Engineering students on the school and department education committees. I'm writing because I don't understand why a student who provided honest feedback about the educ...

SVG not supported 8:30pm Sun 12th Nov, ANONYMOUS

Does "not released" on csmarks mean the same as "not available"? Also, is the project meant to be item 7 or a different item number?

 UWA week 44 (2nd semester, 1st exam week) ↓
SVG not supported 11:51am Sat 4th Nov, ANONYMOUS

Thanks for helping me on the last question of the final exam. Without seeing your question, I might got 0 point on it.

SVG not supported 4:23pm Fri 3rd Nov, ANONYMOUS

Hi, a couple questions 1. is first order logic and representation of situations using it included in unit content? based on Q5 from the 2018 exam 2. is there an answer document for the provided practise exam? I understand you went through the answers ...

SVG not supported 12:59pm Fri 3rd Nov, Mehwish N.

yes, 40

SVG not supported 12:58pm Fri 3rd Nov, Mehwish N.

For cases where you can stop (decision node), you expand the other node (with any appropriate attribute below it). It is also possible that the resulting tree may not be 100 accurate. In real life implementation we can introduce percentages, but tha...

SVG not supported 12:23pm Fri 3rd Nov, ANONYMOUS

I'm a student so my answer might be incorrect but... According to the weightings of the other assessments we've had Labs (in total) - 15 , Mid-sem - 15 , Project - 30 . The final exam can only possibly have a weighting of 40 . Correct me if the weigh...

SVG not supported 11:30pm Thu 2nd Nov, ANONYMOUS

Hello, I have noticed there is an inconsistency in the Unit Outline in regards to weightings. One section says that the Exam is worth 51 but another says 40 . Which one is correct? Thank you )

SVG not supported 9:04pm Thu 2nd Nov, ANONYMOUS

I found the 2014 and 2018 ones super helpful, they also match the midsem structure and practice exam structure a bit more closely than 2021.

SVG not supported 6:35pm Thu 2nd Nov, ANONYMOUS


SVG not supported 5:24pm Thu 2nd Nov, ANONYMOUS

Why is there no discount factor in the Bellman equation given in the lecture slides? If asked to discuss the components of the Bellman equation should we reference the use of a discount factor or not?

SVG not supported 1:34pm Thu 2nd Nov, ANONYMOUS

Hi, I'm trying to study key concepts from previous exams and I'm wondering if students or Mehwish has any recommendations on which exams to study from? Thanks )

SVG not supported 12:27pm Thu 2nd Nov, ANONYMOUS

Thank you all, this is really helpful.

SVG not supported 11:03am Thu 2nd Nov, Mehwish N.

Not entirely. We have not finished the marking yet as it is a huge project and it is taking time to run the solutions that were created on a variety of systems, followed by reading and verifying the report.

SVG not supported 11:00am Thu 2nd Nov, Mehwish N.

If you are referring to that particular figure, the arrows shows the best moves for the agents with a given step cost. The agent wants to end up at 1 but the step cost and the utilities at each state are going to determine, what will be the best act...

SVG not supported 10:58am Thu 2nd Nov, Mehwish N.

Time complexity of BFS and Iterative deepening will be the same.

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