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 UWA week 44 (2nd semester, 1st exam week) ↓
SVG not supported 5:55pm Wed 2nd Nov, ANONYMOUS

Hi in the final exam, 1) Is pseudocode acceptable for short answer questions requiring coding? 2) Will I be able to submit additional illustrations that will help my answer to a question? (online exam) 3) Is format important when writing an answer in co...

SVG not supported 3:47pm Wed 2nd Nov, ANONYMOUS

ANONYMOUS wrote Hi, In the last lecture for the semester and right at the very end, she said it can be double-sided. Hope that helps. All the best

SVG not supported 2:57pm Wed 2nd Nov, ANONYMOUS

Hi, I just want to confirm that the A4 handwritten page of notes can be a double-sided? Thanks

SVG not supported 2:23pm Tue 1st Nov, Mehwish N.

ANONYMOUS wrote Please see slide 8 of sequential decision problems. Machine learning was covered as part of learning agents. All up-to-date slides are available on LMS

SVG not supported 2:20pm Tue 1st Nov, Mehwish N.

A high level of understanding of the concepts will be sufficient from this lecture.

SVG not supported 2:19pm Tue 1st Nov, Mehwish N.

Some solutions to midterm exams are available here https units CITS3001 Only material covered in the lectures in 2022 will be part of the syllabus for exam

SVG not supported 2:17pm Tue 1st Nov, Mehwish N.

Yes, DFS is a better choice. For the image classification, you needed to mention what type of problem it was. It was a supervised learning problem because class labels are available,

SVG not supported 2:16pm Tue 1st Nov, Mehwish N.

The allowable items are 1 and 4 ( 1,0,0,1 ), i.e., item with weight 3 and item with weight 5. In the second last row the correct numbers are 0,0,0,2,3,4,4,5,6 In the last row the correct numbers are 0,0,0,2,3,4,4,5,6 Make sure to first order your wei...

SVG not supported 2:11pm Tue 1st Nov, Mehwish N.

I have added general feedback for the rest of the questions.

 UWA week 43 (2nd semester, study break) ↓
SVG not supported 7:37pm Sun 30th Oct, ANONYMOUS

For the midterm test, are the grades on Moodle final? Because you mentioned that questions 9 and 11 are bonus, but the grade on Moodle is still out of 20 not 18, making my grade lower bc I have some marks deducted on those two questions.

SVG not supported 7:59pm Sat 29th Oct, ANONYMOUS

what is action determination? I can't find it in the slides Also will we be assessed on machine learning? I can't find any slides on that thank you

SVG not supported 6:12pm Sat 29th Oct, ANONYMOUS

is Week 7 8 - network modeling and opinion dynamics going to be accessed in the exam? Since this lecture was only to help us with our project?

SVG not supported 9:46am Sat 29th Oct, ANONYMOUS

hello, the exam is in a few days, is it possible to get our project marks before the exam?

SVG not supported 6:16am Sat 29th Oct, ANONYMOUS

1.Is it possible to get past exam solutions to check our answers? 2.Are all past exam questions relevant and assessable for this semester? thank you

SVG not supported 3:18am Sat 29th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hello, is it correct to say that the DFS would be the better algorithm to traverse a maze because it allows backtracking, is faster, and takes up less memory? also that it is preferred when the target is far from the source, which is usually the case...

SVG not supported 1:50am Sat 29th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hi, can you please confirm whether this is the correct answer for question two on the revision quiz (attached below) ? This is the question Let the weights of items be 3,4,6,5 and their values 2,3,1,4 , respectively. The total weight that is allo...

SVG not supported 12:17am Sat 29th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Hello, I have two questions 1. Can we have sample solutions for the quiz that was posted on oct 21? To know if we are on the right track for these questions. After I completed an attempt, none of the short answers have comments or feedback or hints ...

SVG not supported 9:27pm Fri 28th Oct, Mehwish N.

Yes, you can do that

SVG not supported 9:18am Fri 28th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Is it possible for us to handwrite our A4 page of notes onto our tablet using a stylus and then print the page for the exam?

SVG not supported 3:54pm Thu 27th Oct, ANONYMOUS

Following on from this question. Is it possible for us to handwrite our A4 page of notes onto our tablet using a stylus and then print the page for the exam?

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