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 UWA week 23 (1st semester, 1st exam week) ↓
SVG not supported 7:04pm Sun 9th Jun, Michael W.

Hi, Working on it as fast as we can. I have about 40 of the submissions completely marked, with the remainder tested, but not marked by human (which is the slow, but important part). Cheers MichaelW

SVG not supported 9:03am Sun 9th Jun, ANONYMOUS

Hello Sir, When can we expect the assignment 2 marks? Thanks

SVG not supported 1:01pm Fri 7th Jun, Yuang G.

Hello Professor, Sorry to interrupt, but I have noticed that my Assignment 1 mark has not yet been submitted though I could see the feedback. I am concerned that there might be something wrong. Let me know if there is anything I can do about that. Tha...

SVG not supported 3:14pm Thu 6th Jun, Michael W.

This brings me back to an earlier tip keep things simple, and then - hopefully - portable.

SVG not supported 3:12pm Thu 6th Jun, Michael W.

Hi Here is why the representing floating point numbers is locale dependent https lessons commas with numbers.htm Cheers MichaelW

SVG not supported 3:08pm Thu 6th Jun, Michael W.

ANONYMOUS wrote Hi, It truly does not matter, so long as we can read what you wrote. Cheers MichaelW

SVG not supported 2:55pm Thu 6th Jun, ANONYMOUS

Hello professor, I used pen in final exam for mcq and code as well. but someone told me that we are not allowed to use pen in exam so can you please tell me is it ok or not? Thanks.

SVG not supported 6:53pm Wed 5th Jun, ANONYMOUS

After more investigation, I realized that it might be an locale specific behavior. On this website (https online bash shell), and also on my computer console some n e i n o a e g e C N M R C a o a o t t a . T a . ...

SVG not supported 5:43pm Wed 5th Jun, ANONYMOUS

Hi Sir, Good evening. Can we use only pencil to finish our exam paper tomorrow? Thanks.

SVG not supported 12:39pm Tue 4th Jun, Michael W.

ANONYMOUS wrote Hi, Fair question. That is just a matter of personal taste on my part. Not important. Recalled that exit status 0 implies success; status 1 implies an error. I assume that if the user types a command without options they are trying t...

SVG not supported 12:31pm Tue 4th Jun, ANONYMOUS

I actually have the same doubt

SVG not supported 7:21pm Mon 3rd Jun, ANONYMOUS

Hi Professor, It would be great if you could release the assignment marks before exam because it can help us correct our mistakes and also to concentrate more on exams.

SVG not supported 4:11pm Mon 3rd Jun, ANONYMOUS

Fun fact echo '48,39.8-56.3 50.7,39.6-61.8 50.7,39' sort -t ',' -k 1nr results in 48,39.8-56.3 50.7,39.6-61.8 50.7,39 This can be fixed by changing 1nr to 1,1nr . https questions 33362 how-to-unix-sort-by-one-column-only Thoug...

SVG not supported 1:54pm Mon 3rd Jun, ANONYMOUS

Hi Sir, Good afternoon. I have a doubt about year 2022 paper solution. Why we use exit 0 after stderr, instead of exit 1? Thanks

 UWA week 22 (1st semester, study break) ↓
SVG not supported 9:37am Sun 2nd Jun, Eusha K.

Thanks a lot for the prompt response Mr.Wise

SVG not supported 9:29am Sun 2nd Jun, Michael W.

Hi Eusha Done. Thanks for the reminder. Good luck with the exams (and good luck everyone). Cheers MichaelW

SVG not supported 9:25am Sun 2nd Jun, Eusha K.

Hello Mr.Wise, Would you be able to upload the lab 9 answers regarding git, just like the other labs? Thank you, appreciate it.

SVG not supported 3:48pm Thu 30th May, Michael W.

ANONYMOUS wrote We're working on it, but no guarantees, not least because most of those doing the marking have exams themselves. Marking 300 assignments is a non-trivial exercise, and unlike the assignments themselves, we cannot start early Che...

SVG not supported 3:46pm Thu 30th May, Michael W.

Hi Junyu, Fair question. The answer is that there, once again, a proliferation of RE sub-languages, so in the same way that the course standardised on Bash (which I don't actually use, preferring ksh), the rationale has all along been to go with the ...

SVG not supported 1:28pm Thu 30th May, ANONYMOUS

Because most courses are about learning old school things... And you are now studying at school ) They are not going to make you lose many marks in the final exam anyway. Why not just get prepared for the exam and forget about thing you do not like la...

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