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 UWA week 42 (2nd semester, week 12) ↓
SVG not supported 6:07pm Thu 20th Oct, Leo G.

If you stored everything in one big string, why not read character by character and stop whenever you encounter ' n'?

SVG not supported 3:25pm Thu 20th Oct, Leo G.

Hi, When looking for and finding a word, we need to list every file's path containing it. How is the proper way to display it? printf()? Something else? Cheers.

SVG not supported 11:55pm Tue 18th Oct, Leo G.

Isn't there a risk of the buffer stopping in the middle of a word?

SVG not supported 1:16pm Tue 18th Oct, Leo G.

But as he said, even after if it's shortened and compressed, how are we supposed to put the words and paths in relation?

SVG not supported 1:03pm Tue 18th Oct, Leo G.

Hey guys, Just for clarification the instructions tell us that the first invocation of trove relies on an existing trove-file, and that it is only the second one that build a trove-file. What is that supposed to mean? Do we need to throw an er...

 UWA week 40 (2nd semester, week 10) ↓
SVG not supported 9:34pm Fri 7th Oct, Leo G.

Hi guys, If given a directory in filelist , should we retrieve only the files in this directory, or traverse every subdirectory too? Cheers.

 UWA week 38 (2nd semester, week 8) ↓
SVG not supported 4:37pm Sun 25th Sep, Leo G.

Hey guys, I'm looking for a partner for the 2nd project, my ID is 22884473. Cheers

 UWA week 34 (2nd semester, week 5) ↓
SVG not supported 5:54pm Wed 24th Aug, Leo G.

That would be awesome, thank you Chris

SVG not supported 4:23pm Wed 24th Aug, Leo G.

Could we have the correct output for our program for these samples then? Everyone's logic can differ and it would greatly help if we could have one "sample solution" to base ourselves on.

SVG not supported 1:19am Wed 24th Aug, Leo G.

Hi everyone, Can we find sample crontab and estimate files to, you know, create our program and test it? Cheers

 UWA week 33 (2nd semester, week 4) ↓
SVG not supported 8:35pm Tue 16th Aug, Leo G.

Hi guys, I am looking for a project partner, feel free to send me a PM or preferably, send me an email at 228 4 7 t d n . w . d . u o l a e o e u t s m l o u i n q o ; t a e o r e v s o . Cheers everyone

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